Here are some of my favorite racing games for the Dreamcast! * The video game footage was captured by me for review purposes only.

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  • Jorge Hawkins 2 months ago

    I really like Daytona USA.

  • Lee Trigs 2 months ago

    Sega Rally was my fave on the Dreamcast!

  • elfergos 2 months ago

    No Daytona?

  • Phil Hartmann 2 months ago

    I have pod racer but for n64

  • Nestor Guaimaro 2 months ago

    i love those games racing in Dreamcast I hope that Dreaamcast get back.

  • CanadianTurf Sandwich 2 months ago

    I hate Crazy Taxi's soundtrack : thats where I didnt buy in. They could have had a better variety of musics like in GTA series

  • Ashley Whiteman 2 months ago

    MSR is well balanced, Vanishing Point deserves more appreciation, Le Mans is just perfect. Buggy Heat should get more love too, 18 Wheeler is a nice arcade racer and a good break from the norm. Looney tunes Space race / Wacky Racers , Stunt GT,.. avoid Super Runabout.. and Spirit of Speed

  • Ashley Whiteman 2 months ago

    Revolt is great, does get a little difficult, if only because the tracks are hard to follow. could do with more interactive 'toys' like that bowling ball you mention

  • drunkensailor112 2 months ago

    the guy who developed f355 challenge was the legendary yu suzuki, he owned a f355 ferrari indeed and developed games like outrun, shenmue, virtua fighter, hang-on, space harrier, afterburner and virtua racing

  • drunkensailor112 2 months ago

    glad you made a video of this. dreamcast is the true mother of racing games! I wrote a review about my favorite racing game of all time tokyo highway challenge 2:

  • PokéJordan 2 months ago

    Always wanted a dreamcast. The Kmart in my town always had one for sale for years after it got discontinued. If I was older at the time I would have got it

  • Matthew Hoke 2 months ago

    Pretty solid list. I'd add Demolition Racer: No Exit. Very solid underrated game.

  • FranZowsky7 2 months ago

    If a N64 had a child with the PS2, the child would be the Dreamcast. (The graphics remind me of those two consoles)

  • Oliver Heap 2 months ago

    I played the arcade version of F355 challenge at my friend's birthday party. He hired a bunch of them with online gameplay. So we could all race eachother. So fun

  • The Tranceporter 2 months ago

    Test Drive V-Rally is my favorite, I have the PC version called V-Rally 2 Expert Edition but that one has been ported from the Dreamcast version so I consider it as a DC game since both versions are exactly the same. Sega GT is pretty good too, and MSR isn't bad either but these two can be very frustrating unlike V-Rally 2. What I love about V-Rally 2 is the authenticity it provides, it's based on the 1999 WRC season and it has great amount of content as well as great arcade physics, and it's miles better than it's only competitor on the DC – Sega Rally 2, which is not even a real rally game tbh.

  • Kaiger 1324 2 months ago

    I loved Revolt but i had it on the ps1 and it was one of the best. But i think the best rc game was rc revenge pro on ps2

  • Ryan Portugal 2 months ago

    Crazy Taxi!

  • Exodia Chopper Fernandez 2 months ago


  • I had a lot of fun with Super Runabout. One of those games that once you get bored of you don't really need to go back to though..

  • Spinal Compression 2 months ago

    are these the only racing games for DC you had at the time? have you continued to collect for the system? you should do an update if things have changed. keep dreaming.