TOP 5 *BEST* Driving Games in Roblox! (New Racing Games 2018) SUBSCRIBE & leave a LIKE if you enjoyed! #1 – #2 …

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  • TannerFox_Fan 2 months ago

    first off this is his opinion
    second if you're just gonna hate leave the video

  • DanilMLG 2 months ago

    for potato pc pls ultimate driving is lag

  • heavy clutch is just some maps and a-chassis cars to choose from it's not necessarily a drifting game and all the cars have all sorts of driving styles like grip or drifting and they're all different and not all of them have "wonky drifting mechanics"

  • jonah johnson 2 months ago

    bro what about Greenville beta

  • T4M1M 888 2 months ago

    There's only one thing I hate about vehicle simulator is that there's not that many new car choices and there's NO BODY KITS AND PART CHANGING wait nvm two things

  • Hello Jeffy 2 months ago

  • Jace Paredes 2 months ago

    first off this is his opinion
    second if you're just gonna hate leave the video

  • Jace Paredes 2 months ago

    DS: Vurse [Beta]

  • The Engineer Guy 2 months ago

    Tells us that there are 240sx's…

    Is driving a 180sx

  • MikePlayz 2 months ago

    whats the game in your thumbnail?

  • Clark & Clara Tube 2 months ago

    What game is that called

  • ThatOneOpen FamKun 2 months ago

    My list of top 9 games.
    9. WorkSpace Go Karts.
    Surprisingly realistic physics and graphics, as well as a fantastic kart, track, and driver design, the driver turns his head on every turn as well as the steering wheel. (which is 100% functional)
    Hasn't updated in like, a year, however the physics are near unphased. Is not higher due to the fact game is based on Go Karting more-so than cars.
    8. Drift Horizon
    Physics are fairly similar to Heavy Clutch, however missing the realism, as the map is still very unique, having a crossover section, or choose your line areas, filled with elevation changes.
    is not higher due to the fact it isn't 100% original
    7. Drift Zone V4.
    Drift Zone V3 also was unique, but it felt far too much like Heavy Clutch, so they decided to make a EXTREMELY unique map, going inside what seems to be a mall, going up ramps and such, more choose your line areas, and drops that can leave a car doing over 100. This map is far from realistic but it feels like a dream, an amazing one at that.
    6.Heavy Clutch.
    An all out amazing community with very unique maps I would call art work and hang up at a museum. unfortunately some maps use a few B Chassis cars.
    But the physics of the A chassis they use is amazing, leaving a satisfying feeling every time you can do the entire full track layout drifting.
    Not higher due to copycat games like those above.
    5. Vehicle Simulator One of the reasons it's up here is due to the customization and UI, which at the time was fairly ahead of it's time.
    however other games have proven to be better, My reason it's here is the fact it was my group's original "nursery"
    4.Horizon, more recent game, has amazing car models and O.K. physics, also includes an inside race track that gives me that Drift Zone Vibe.
    however it is flat, also the map is somewhat small, this game should definitely grow!
    3. Accelerate V4.
    Great medium sized map, amazing physics, decent racing system.
    I also just adore the music at dealerships.
    This game can touch your heart and make you feel special at times and that's why it's in 3rd.
    2. Sports Car Sim 2/Top Notch Performente Games.
    SCS2 was originally to be replaced with the top notch series but never lifted off, with TNP having highly detailed maps, along with a new set of cars with hyper realistic physics. However was never supported and moved on.
    So Sports Car Sim 2 continued on, having maps including Autodrom De Monza, Circuit Gilles Villenueve, Le Mans, and most recently only accessing Infieon Raceway (currently Sonoma)
    which is extremely customizable and yet another choose your line track. however you can only access Sonoma right now.
    Also Top Notch includes 2 tracks, Yas Marina, which is pretty, and Monza, which is a classic staple a game needs.
    All in all a great game, however I was perm banned due to "Abusing powers" in a hacked server when became admin.
    1. UDU, what's to say?
    jk jk if it's number one it needs a reason.
    UD has kept me on for 3 Years and 15k Miles, it has been a rough journey of Group arguments where scars still can be seen today, however minus that, it is my group's current habitat, reaching out with other racing groups (Sometimes with arguments, if you ever watch my videos)
    and hosting races with each other, this is my side however.
    I can count numerous roleplays with others, sometimes wanted runaway stories that can make one tearish, or tales of common lives take place, even stories involving racing.
    The UDU community is toxic occasionally yes, however they are very active and are planning yet another gigantic update soon.
    which will involve racing systems so non group people can join in the joys of racing.
    Racing however, is only one part of the equation that is a massive, and amazing part of the game.
    Along with racers, you have Mile Farming groups, Fan groups, Rp groups, and many more.
    I recommend you guys play or at least try out all these games, and enjoy yourselves.
    But UDU is my personal favorite .-.

  • gamerdestroyer4 2 months ago

    Guys Drive-Shaft is better now
    Vehicle Simulator ruined the chassis and the Pagani is faster now. '.'

  • Hugo Billiau 2 months ago

    240sx's or 240sexes? lol

  • Shabby Tooth 2 months ago

    I love Vehicle Simulater its my favorite game ever

  • Green Yoshi 2 months ago

    I absolutly hate drive shaft i bough a corvette and gues what? It never saved and it was way before the updates

  • Death675 5 2 months ago

    Vehicle sim sucks now. I bought the 12m dollar can and can only get 6 seconds….

  • bmw m6/마니아 2 months ago

    greeenville beta

  • GaAmers 2 months ago

    yeahh behicle saimulator make you fame that is the firts vids that i watch to you

  • VentralWater 2 months ago

    honestly if the map from ultimate driving was the map in vehicle sim, the game would be perfect. I love vehicle sim and its my favorite out of all this games, but i just wish they added a bigger map

  • CivicDrivers94 2 months ago


  • BroGamerPlayer 2 months ago

    Greenville Beta is an absolutely amazing driving game that I suggest y'all check it out

  • Evan Dropeski 2 months ago

    The best driving game I have played is called drive. It has realistic car driving physics but it is not super high quality. The owner verbalakspray’s account was deleted so it can’t be updated. But the game has customizable bumpers wings skirts and interior all animated interior too.

  • Nhan Nguyen 2 months ago

    no this is not true i hate number 1 + i played it and it sucks c'mon matrix

  • Sage Ryder 2 months ago

    I was you're biggest fan i had the merch and i still do but i forgot about you for a year and im back!!! Love it keep up the great work😁😁😁😁😁

  • matino alston 2 months ago

    in my opinion drive shaft is the best and vehicle sim is the 2nd best

  • Microwave 2 months ago

    In my opinion i would put greenville on this list

  • Mukisa serufusa 2 months ago

    I say Ultimate driving is the top driving game in robotic because in my opinion the problem i have with vehicle simulator is the map is fake the car models are great

  • jeremi lim 2 months ago

    Matris please ask simbuilder to add more jdm or hatchbacks

  • I prefer Peanuts 2 months ago

    Watch out for Greenville Roleplay. The gamepasses are super low on Robux (Almost 75 Robux on all passes) the cars are detailed, the map looks beautiful the more you get into the city parts. But Greenville is still in Beta so the map is gonna be changing, and some bugs too. Overall, its a great game.

  • Daville Parke 2 months ago

    play greenvile roplay

  • BlueBlaze YT 2 months ago

    Vehicle Sim should be 4th

  • Aaron Long Huynh 2 months ago

    Me and a group of friends set up an awesome racing route in Vehicle Simulator.

  • MTF Epsilon 11 2 months ago

    Vehicle Simulator "REALISTIC"? REALLY? My Dodge 1970 goes 0 to 60 in half a second. 0 to 200 in one and a half seconds.

  • Getting _Lost 2 months ago

    Vehicle simulator is so bad, ultimate is better.

  • Mark Grecko 2 months ago

    What game did the thumbnail come from

  • 宝宝消失 2 months ago

    Can works on phone??