SIX?! SIX SCARY GAMES?! It can’t POSSIBLY be true! Subscribe Today! ▻ Try To Fall Asleep ▻ …

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  • Tommy 5 1 day ago

    Haha "Ghost Baby"

  • Double A's 1 day ago

    Plant endurance, imagine plants on treadmills.
    I died 😂😂😂

  • pgnlolol RBXgaming 1 day ago

    Thats no brain damage

  • Viomixx 1 day ago


  • Viomixx 1 day ago

    hey hey hey mark replier (corny jokes) respond to dis ok ok the next comment I write

  • Viomixx 1 day ago

    *Drinks coke hiding da screen*

  • Viomixx 1 day ago

    Sorry sorry, MOOTANT werewoof

  • Viomixx 1 day ago

    Boi that was a MUTANT werewolf

  • zizi 007 1 day ago

    HI Markiplayer!!! And good night!😏 Hahaha! XD

  • Viomixx 1 day ago

    I ♥ you boi

  • Viomixx 1 day ago

    Mark:Dont interrupt me im trying to speakme:Wow mark u get me

  • Lil' Arrow 1 day ago

    I agree completely with Mark about the robots. XD

  • Rose Rain 1 day ago

    After his rant, I watch to see him play Detroit: Become Human.

  • Spoicy Spoiler 1 day ago


  • SenterSen 1 day ago

    Is uncle Larry ok being naked outside

  • valaki5590 1 day ago

    I got a Markiplier remix as an ad.

  • Amelia @CESC 1 day ago

    luv ur vids mark! btw plz play granny its a really good game

  • eddie au 1 day ago

    If I remember Correctly I almost DIED watching this video💀😔

  • Calli-ann Fitzpatrick 1 day ago

    Can u go look at someone else Naked Uncle Larry

  • Calli-ann Fitzpatrick 1 day ago

    …Uncle Larry?😂😂😂

  • Some random YouTube subscriber 1 day ago

    This is an hour long but idk and I’m watching the whole thing anyways

  • Common Freak 1 day ago

    wellll… so annoying

  • jenayee 1 day ago

    I forgot there were veins in your eyelids.

  • gamer hrmet bitler 1 day ago

    god dam mark

  • Kiehefner Kiehefner 1 day ago

    You talk too much just play the game and stop trying so hard to be funny thanks

  • Solitude AG 1 day ago

    Radical Larry What Are You Doing Here??

  • Zi NC 1 day ago

    Cate has one hella deep voice

  • Glasses Freak 1 day ago

    That first game is so stupid. Everyone knows the monsters can't come in your room if the lights are on

  • James Agent 1 day ago

    Jack" hello my name is Connor I'm the android sent bye cyberlife"

  • WULFY THATS MEEE 1 day ago

    UaNCle LaRY?

  • Emerson Fannin 1 day ago

    i swear to god after watching this i saw a random man with a bat trying to break in but a 12 gua
    ge is all you need

  • Portal Runner 1 day ago

    That robot is scarier than does…things

  • Xavier Carder 1 day ago

    you always make me laugh😀

  • Suat Özel 1 day ago

    Am türk

  • XsoooupX was here 1 day ago

    after watching the first game.

    I'm never gonna sleep again

  • Aly Mattar 1 day ago

    Monster stands eerily at the end of the hall
    Mark: "you guys seeing what am seeing here"
    Mark:"Ama go say hi"

  • Raimi Delim 1 day ago

    are you in random encounters

  • T DF 1 day ago

    You got catfished bad

  • Fuldas Plays 1 day ago

    Shut up and play

  • Sidney Caroon 1 day ago

    How high are you?