Six Racing games that time and most gamers have forgotten and are hidden gems. Please use the links below to get deals & help support Metal Jesus Rocks!

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  • Kakto Tak 2 months ago

    Things that Porsche Unleashed did better than any racing game I've played before or since:
    1. Driving school (aka Factory Driver). There are good driving schools in some other racing games, but Factory Driver is a complete separate single player mode and a whole lot of fun in itself.
    2. Track design. This is the pinnacle of classic NFS "beautiful separate tracks with shortcuts" philosophy. Some of them had so many intersecting alternative paths, that they would probably be more appropriately called "maps" not "tracks" (Auvergne, Corsica…)
    3. Having the most realistic driving physics that could still be comfortably played on a keyboard. There are more realistic racing games, but to play them on a keyboard you either have to be some kind of masochist, or enable so many assists that the game basically plays itself and therefore not fun. NFS5 was realistic, playable on a keyboard and was fun every second you played it.
    4. The whole "single car brand anthology" thing. No other game that attempted this is even close.

  • finally someone does agree about NFS – PU being an awesome game! it's my alltime favourite of all Need For Speeds! …beside TNFS…

  • sonicsnake44 2 months ago

    The SNES Biker Mice From Mars was a really good feature packed racing game that almost no one talks about.

  • Gigagamer74 2 months ago

    Screamer Rally is a real piece of art of racing games. To understand the full power of this game you must use a tiny little steering wheel.

  • Sony Kroket 2 months ago

    Screamer 2 and NFS III was the shit for me.

  • Vincent Yzer 2 months ago

    haha i had pod laying on my desk, when i have time i will play it! thanks!

  • Green Pengu 2 months ago

    i personally think that the "black sheep" of nfs games is nfs carbon, like come on guys give it some love, it is amazing

  • Mmkni k Jjbi 2 months ago


  • dario HC 2 months ago


  • Nick Schrader 2 months ago

    NFS Porsche unleashed had a GBA release as well. That's what I had.

  • Stunts was my Childhood. o.o

  • SonicMrSumo 2 months ago

    I was a MASSIVE fan of Stunts. So much fun, and yes, the track editor was brilliant!

  • FeelingShred 2 months ago

    Screamer 2 is much better than the first, physics improved, different terrains, front or rear wheel drive, challenging to beat championship…

  • Doudou Lion 2 months ago

    are these games for the n64?

  • Astolfo Charlemagne 2 months ago

    quit shilling for games that run like crap
    framerate always mattered, even in the 90s
    just look at daytona usa and all it's ports vs the arcade original

  • Carl B 2 months ago

    Two you probably don't know about are Baja edge of control and Paris Dakar rally.

  • Dick Phallus 2 months ago

    Yo,Metal J.Vanishing Point is what you need.Theres no game on PS1 with physics like that.Im gonna get a Dreamcast just to play that with better graphics.

  • Jumbo Xonx 2 months ago

    MJR do you know these 2 games?
    Speed Busters/Speed Devils (PC & DC) and Ignition/Fun Tracks (1997)? They're both very arcade-y with great tracks and fun cars. Should be right up your alley

  • Porsche Unleashed and Screamer ? Hell yes!! This guy has good taste. I would add Screamer 2 , Re-Volt , and Viper Racing to this list. Screamer 2 had very good driving for the time.

  • Music Resources, Gaming, Nicole Marie T 2 months ago

    I am feeling those nostalgic vibes right now ♥🏍🏎

  • Philip Wells 2 months ago


  • Wally17 2 months ago

    I loved Need for Speed Porsche Unleashed on Windows! I got it when I was a kid when I bought the box set of all the original Need for Speed games. I still have it too.

    Also, that car crashing into you at 7:52 made me laugh pretty hard.

  • Oldskool Raver 2 months ago

    The saddest thing about Porsche Unleashed that it was not just a very well made racing game with awesome physics, nice track design with probably the best graphics at the time (just like Metropolis Street Racer on the Dreamcast) it was also the reason why EA took the NFS franchise from EA Canada because it didn't sell well and as good as High Stakes. Ironically 2 years later Hot Pursuit SUCKED SO BAD on the pc. In fact i still often say "if they only ported to ps2 version to the pc" but no the pc, xbox, and gamecube version was made by EA Seatle. Why the hell it was necessary in 2002… i don't know honestly.. Maybe Sony made some dirty move just as they wanted with the GTA series.

  • hsdfreedom 2 months ago

    road rash

  • Zeek M 2 months ago

    I don't think you're a gamer mister metal jesus.
    What you actually are is someone who enjoys exploring what computer hardware can do.
    That makes you a hardware junkie.
    The tragedy here is you've become a middle aged man who still acts like a teenager.

  • Alejandro Searider 2 months ago

    sports car gt by ea games 1999

  • davebeastly 2 months ago

    Redline Racer was so fast I used to love it. I didn't realise it was Criterion until now. I'm a big fan of the Burnout series too!

  • Yhowbyjytub310 2 months ago

    I loved NFS Porsche Unleashed. I wish I never broke the disk for it :/

  • I LIKE GOTH CHICKS 2 months ago

    you may also like "porsche challenge" a quite highly rated ps1 game you should be able to pick up for a cheap price.