The Burnout racing games are some of my favorites of all time! Here is a quick look at seven games from this legendary series! FOLLOW US Twitter: …

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  • Tentacular 2 months ago

    Burnout 3: Takedown: Perfection: Dawn of Justice.

    Revenge might have had better graphics but felt frustrating and punishing to play, whereas Takedown just seemed to have got the formula just right.

    That first NFS game that Criterion made though, Hot Pursuit was pretty sweet though.

  • v16 revenge xbox 360 2 months ago

    burnout dominator?

  • oasisbeyond 2 months ago

    Series got better with EA, better graphics, sound, music… yet EA also killed them and they don't make games they want to do lol. Double Standards.

  • James Russell 2 months ago

    Burnout Paradise was totally lame. I can't believe it's got a remastering & Burnout 3 hasn't. Why would they get rid of Crash Mode? The one thing that really defined Burnout.

  • RedVIII 2 months ago

    Paradise sucks. The races are all the same, you always have to look in the minimap where you have to go during a race, which completely illiminates what makes speedy racing great, and yeah, there is no splitscreen and no crash mode. I hope they go back to what Burnout 3 was, if they ever make another game.

  • AceRay 24 2 months ago

    unpopular opinion ( My Own Opinion)

    i like the first two burnout games more than the others

  • good video mjr subbed:)

  • INGSOC 2 months ago

    Ea should have left criterion alone, instead of making them work on ea's mediocre franchises.

  • Just now realizing how good the graphics were, especially for the early 2000s

  • Clayton Luce 2 months ago

    I've only played four games in the series. Here's mine from worst to best.

    4. "Burnout: Dominator" – No crash mode and an okay soundtrack at best. I don't even know if I'll keep it, especially since it's not as fun as the other three games I've played.
    3. "Burnout: Revenge" – Flat-out hard as hell crash mode and again another average soundtrack. Didn't have a lot of fun with it like I thought I would.
    2. "Burnout 2: Point Of Impact" – This game got me into the series in the first place, mostly because of the crash mode. Fun as hell. Doesn't have a licensed soundtrack, but I didn't care back then, and I don't care now.
    1. "Burnout 3: Takedown" – Borrowed it from a friend and instantly fell in love with it (figuratively speaking). Hands-down in my opinion the best in the series.

  • 200LiterKopter 2 months ago

    One of my favourite game series ever, although I only own and beat Takedown (so close to 100%) and Revenge (second game ever to reach 100% 😀 ), I still had the chance to play nearly everyone apart Dominator and in my views Takedown and Revenge are the only two you need to get very happy.

  • lurkerrekrul 2 months ago

    Do you (or anyone) know if Burnout Paradise: The Ultimate Box for Windows includes ALL the DLC and if it requires online activation?

    EDIT: Never mind. I just looked at the back of the box on MobyGames and it says it comes with a digital leash attached to it. They can shove that crap. Guess I'll be pirating it if I ever want to play it.

  • LOLMAN 9538 2 months ago

    My top 5 Burnout Games:
    5. Dominator
    4. Legends
    3. Paradise
    2. Takedown
    1. Revenge

  • aussieknuckles 2 months ago

    Fuck i miss the burnout series.
    Burnout paradise was the bomb.

  • Rush87 2 months ago

    MetalJesus It's time for another Burnout Series special video.

  • Brandon x22 2 months ago

    Fuck no, most people consider B3 to be the best, its perfect

  • TheDiamondPyro 2 months ago

    Guess who just recently finished Burnout 3 100 % !

  • FloppyDisk 2 months ago

    If they stayed in burnout 3's direction the series may have still been a competitor with nfs. I've noticed this with lots of game series where they make a legendary game, then the rest of the series after that legendary game goes to shit. Just like CoD and NFS

  • Harry Sheldon 2 months ago

    I love paradise, Takedown and legends…. dominator felt like a cut down revenge and even removed multiplayer for some reason. The reboot of NFS was successful but pissed off tons of people, The MW2012 reboot was just Burnout Paradise with licensed cars and a slightly different map.

  • Leni Loud 2 months ago

    BAH Im great at burnout dominator

  • Ange Alexiel 2 months ago

    omg, i loved the burnout series, i remember when i bought burnout 2 day one, i was like the best arcade game of all time on xbox . and then the beautiful port they made on the 360 of revenge , they did an awesome job on NFS hot pursuit 2, was my favorite NFS, but they totally loose momentum with most wanted .. who was ugly and pretty lame … and nowadays criterion is nothing , the only good news is that they are soon releasing burnout paradise and all DLC to the xbox one via BC, but stil no burnout compilation on ps4 and xbox one, i would love to have all best versions of each burnout on ps4 or xbox one … but they are saying on twitter that they are focusing on something else , and not a car game…. so dissapointed, it's like evolution who made the great motorstorm series, and then on ps4 released the crappiest arcade racer ever , driveclub… i really do not get it …

    now most of big UK talented studios of racing games are in a new studio called playground games, they are guys from the burnout series, dirt 3, blur, split second and some other… and now they made the perfect but only one arcade racing game out there the forza horizon franchise. i wish they were more many arcade racers like these titles…

  • Christian Dixie 2 months ago

    Revenge and Takedown are both my personal favorites!

  • car1it0sWAY 2 months ago

    The one series that needs an HD remake

  • obli 789 2 months ago

    Nice music stand at the end, lol 🙂

  • AaronBurner05 2 months ago

    I only grew up with Burnout 3: Takedown, but I now have played every game except for B1 and Paradise. Takedown was a huge step up from Point of Impact, and I can't think of any flaw the game had for its time. I enjoyed Revenge for its better crash mode and track design, but I wish it had more of the classic elements from B3 (i.e. different track types, DJ Stryker, free play). The physics and car selection also kind of annoyed me, but I absolutely loved Traffic Attack mode. Dominator had a slightly better boost system than previous games, but the soundtrack, cars and fewer features were a major disappointment.

  • Thewonderjam 2 months ago

    So wait, was dominator a PSP game first and then it was ported to PS2?

  • Thenextworldwar 2 months ago

    Point of Impact and Takedown (especially Takedown) are easily my favorites.

  • Xinless Vice 2 months ago

    Burnout 3 and 4 are my favorites, and legends is somewhere In between. Hate dominator, and while paradise was and still is fun,I much prefer how everything is handled in the older games. I've never played burnout 1 and 2, though I would love too.

  • scottthewaterwarrior 2 months ago

    I always felt Revenge was overrated, the layout world tour mode made it harder to find the event you wanted and the crash mode, while more interactive and explosive, felt too slow most the time (20 mph crash = explosion).  The physics also didn't feel as good as 3, more realistic, but I rather liked flying 50 feet into the air when ever I hit something in 3.  I have mixed feelings about Burnout Paradise, the damage was awesome, but again the physics weren't that great, most crashes were only 2 or 3 cars.  The open world was nice, but the "start here, go there" layout of races made the cars too spread out and not action-y enough.  It did have the best car selection to date though.  I felt ripped off buying the DLC, the island was great, but the extra cars were mostly just re-skins of existing ones with a few extra parts added.

    Now that it is out I can also talk about Need for Speed Hot Pursuit, it isn't that good.  The car handling lacks the realism of the old NFS games (probably due to being made by Criterion), but the licensed vehicles mean pour vehicle damage and toned down crashes.  It isn't a bad game, but I would have rather had a new Burnout game and a separate Need for Speed game, mashing them together just didn't work IMO.

  • F.A.D. 2 months ago

    My favorites were burnout 2,revenge, legends and dominator

  • MyNameIsBucket 2 months ago

    I still prefer Burnout 2. It had a steady 60fps framerate and clean graphics, which made ridiculously long burnout chains easy. Later games are fun but it's difficult to even see what's going on half the time.

  • Keag Gedxdj 2 months ago

    back when games were almost always top notch now they just getting really bad cause of most games being re used now one after another and i havent seen many good ones lately:(

  • CzarHavoc 2 months ago


  • CzarHavoc 2 months ago

    the best was burnout 3:takedown, i actually have an original copy lyring around somewhere

  • Jonathan Mancillas 2 months ago

    To me its burnout 3 since I got memories with that game

  • Nicole Furniss 2 months ago

    Which burnout had the big desert crash in the beginning

  • jordan mckenzie 2 months ago

    i'm back bitches

  • Seventizz 2 months ago

    Agreed, but Burnout 3 was the pinnacle – especially on Xbox Live.