God of War is every bit the over-the-top action game you expect, but it’s the story and setting that end up stealing the show. Subscribe to GameSpot!

views: 519911
video rating: 4.44
duration : 8:32
likes: 7632
dislikes: 967

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  • GameSpot 2 months ago

    What are you looking forward to most in the new God of War?

  • Sobhan Khaleghi 2 months ago

    Finished it last week,This game gotta get a 11 out of 10

  • MrSmilesCam 2 months ago

    Simple stories and complex characters is clearly a winning formula for Sony. Keep impressing me with high production-value games!

    Microsoft crying over in the corner

  • CrazyDiamond 2 months ago

    this is the worst game in the entire series in my opinion, after just finishing it I can't believe all the positive scores it got

  • s3lfFish 2 months ago


    it's a great game, but you can feel lots have been borrowed from the last of us
    (from the relationship, to the gameplay and scenery)

  • milkompukalos a 2 months ago

    9 is a great score…

  • Tony Howell 2 months ago

    The soundtrack is unbelievable and the That first level is the best level in a video game I have ever seen. For me this is not just a must play but a system seller! For me 10/10 and my personal favourite game ever and I collect for nearly every system and have nearly 2500 games in my collection

  • Faisal Hafeez 2 months ago

    I thought the final boss was incredible. I'm excited to see where they take the story after that.

  • Altrim J90 2 months ago

    Best game of 2018 probaly of alltime

  • TheNnadozie06 2 months ago

    All the xbox one comments are dumb. I just finished God of war on my PS4. I'm an xbox fan. Xbox is better than PS4 (my opinion). God of war is an exclusive game to playstation. That doesn't make playstation better. Reason I love Xbox over ps4; xbox has a lot to offer. Ps4 is so boring. I have PS4. Xbox has more to offer. That's why you don't hear xbox fans talking shit to playstation players because, we know what we have.

  • gijs wester 2 months ago

    if ya liked skyrim, is this a good game to buy?

  • Mattias olsson 2 months ago

    Why not a 10/10

  • michael aiello 2 months ago

    Console wars are for broke ass kids who can't afford both systems like damn get a fucking life

  • Joey_ Breezy 2 months ago

    Lets be real you cant please everyone or have everyone give the game a 10/10 thats not reality

  • Ghaffar_KH 2 months ago

    Should’ve been a 10/10 imo.

  • sofukingwhat 2 months ago

    I just finished it today and it's probably the only PS4 exclusive you can without a shadow of a doubt say to someone that's it's worth buying a console only to play this

  • Cobus Louw 2 months ago

    Same score as WW2

  • The GaMerCat 2 months ago

    Xbox: Cut it out!
    Ps4: weak, again.

  • The GaMerCat 2 months ago

    Add permadeath on give me god of war mode. Then play it in immersive mode. Thats the ultimate challenge.

  • SplitERin2 2 months ago

    Praying Hard for DLC this time.
    Lol please please please.
    Santa Monica join the rest
    Of us in DLC land.
    Promise I'll buy it.
    I ain't got another 6+ years of patients in me guys

  • SunSon29 2 months ago

    This game should be 10, not 9.

  • The Stanimal 2 months ago

    Best game ever

  • Jack M 2 months ago

    i hope the boss fights are more challenging in the next game. i played on god of war mode and had little to no difficulty with any of the main bosses. some of the valkeries were pretty tough but the main bosses may as well have all been cutscenes. my only real complaint with an otherwise amazing game

  • Jim Dean 2 months ago

    Trash I've beat all six but this just sucks to me waste of 60 bucks BTW I'm not being a hater just can't stand the direction the series went I'd rather spend 60 again on the fist gow for ps2 than this

  • mnoell35 2 months ago

    Whoever can beat this game on “God of War” level? Is a God themselves. I’m getting my ass handed to me,by that fuckin witch!!

  • Daniel J 2 months ago

    Not to kick a dead horse. But 9? What is a 10 then? Trying to be edgy? 😀

  • Timi Cobo 2 months ago

    How much did they give to Last of Us?

  • OMEGAMASSIVE 2 months ago

    This game looks like everything i have ever played before….

  • Ryan Howe 2 months ago

    Unlike alot of the god of war fanbase, I was open to the change and direction they were going for

  • Why not 10???? I mean god or war 2018 is better than 2017 GOTY *cough zelda

  • Uno Carb 2 months ago

    The add a kid ruined it for sell for me!

  • mohamed sameh 2 months ago

    we all have to agree if you don't have ps4 …you're missing out a lot

  • havel twink 2 months ago

    I was talking major shit until I got to the part with Athena. Fucking unbelievable. Definitely game of the year

  • joe bob 2 months ago

    So I'm like the only one who thought this game was terrible?

  • dragular 2 months ago

    just got this game…i think i m8 hate it. haven't played yet, but hope its not overrated

  • souls elite1 2 months ago

    6 hours in and not much action and a annoying kid

  • Adnan Pazarac 2 months ago

    9 ?

  • sexy gorillanips 2 months ago

    Open world? I don't think you know what the definition of open-world in means. Wildlands is open world Just Cause 3 subnautica it's open world. If you have to open a certain part of the world through a storyline then it's not an open world game. like in Zelda breath of the Wild as soon as you do the tutorial you can go to any Town anywhere and battle any boss in any order that is the definition of open world. What you are describing is a linear game just because you can travel anywhere doesn't make it open in world for instance Super Mario Odyssey not open world but it's big enough for you can explore anywhere but it's still locked behind a story line until you get to it.