(Warning: contains some explicit language) Tabletop reviews from video game industry veterans! This episode, game designers Tim Schafer and Anna Kipnis …

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  • zwara hellwig 2 months ago

    great video. thx

  • Zackary Collins 2 months ago

    Regarding the "Save mechanic," Michael mentioned that he wished Time Stories has; prophecy of dragons (and some of the later expansions) DOES in fact have a specific point in which you can "save" and you don't have to start the whole game over again. They have actually added a lot of different mechanics over the various expansions that are really cool. One gives you the ability to (quantum) leap into other NPCs that you meet to gain access to areas or skills. Overall I agree with the review, not a perfect game by any means but I am just in love with the story and adventure aspects of the game. I totally "fudge" the rules to cut down frustration when playing this game because its just a game and who cares.

  • Greg W 2 months ago

    Wow really interesting to see the perspective from the devs. I think you guys did a great job showing without showing too many spoilers as well. I was really curious about this game, I think it's one I look for when it's on sale.

  • Vysetron 2 months ago

    A game about playing time cops and no Seanbaby? Sacrilege!