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  • Brian Lee 1 hour ago

    This is a perfect game only people who cared about glitching, racing, and wining a lot.

  • Dilly Mackey 1 hour ago

    Someone finish Big Rigs.

  • SilVerRoxetZ 1 hour ago

    Big Rigs: Over the Road Racing REVIEW – UTTER GARBAGE, COMPLETE TRASH

  • Vesnesc 1 hour ago

    my guess is that they released it a year and a half early by mistake

  • Dark Crow 1 hour ago


  • John Ubias 1 hour ago

    Nice spaceballs reference lol

  • Zach Earwood 1 hour ago

    better than fortnite

  • Elizabeth Paine-Crow 1 hour ago

    They should call this game super magic rigs

  • Eager Edwin 1 hour ago

    Do you made a Ride to Hell review

  • Bob the filthy bleacher 1 hour ago

    I think the reason you go faster in reverse is because when you go forward there is a speed cap but not in reverse.

  • xxDestroyerxx Al 1 hour ago

    i pressed the handbrake button and it goes faster on reverse

  • Budy Boy 1 hour ago

    … "You win."

  • Groaty McOats 1 hour ago

    poop reference

  • Alex Bryson 1 hour ago

    I love the physics engine!

  • FlamingCorndog 1 hour ago

    It's nice to see The Nerd enjoy a game for once

  • Doug Dimmalone 1 hour ago

    Man I never realized how long I've watched these videos until I look at the dates they were uploaded and think "man I remember when this was new"

  • God'z Website 1 hour ago

    I'm dying at YOU'RE WINNER lol!!!!

  • sleek beef 1 hour ago

    Select "car"

  • Tuna Tezer 1 hour ago

    Nerd, if you think Big Rigs is bad, then you haven't seen VirtualBus Simulator yet…

  • TheBlondGuy YT 1 hour ago

    The developers actually offered refunds to anyone that had bought the game

  • Caesars Pizza 1 hour ago

    Bombs away 💩💩💩💩💩💩💩💩💩😁🤣🤣🤣🤣😉💩💩💩💩💩💩💩😁😂fucking big rig😁😅😂💩

  • Caesars Pizza 1 hour ago

    FUCKING 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂 SHIT 💩💩💩💩💩💩💩💩💩💩💩💩💩💩🤣🤣

  • ShadRBLX 1 hour ago

    that game looks fucking awesome

  • zonal spore 1 hour ago

    This is my favorite AVGN episode ❤️

  • Awbawlisk the Tormentor 1 hour ago

    Kamui Truck

  • супер рыжий 1 hour ago

    Diz gam iz butiful

  • Cadavius Casey 1 hour ago

    take this sub sir

  • tomoko 1 hour ago

    this was goddamn hilarious i hope i don't have to meet this guy irl ever he's hilarious, it's just i like to stick to my private live 🙁 🙁

  • Mint Joestar 1 hour ago

    I was dying of laughter at the end 😂😂😂😂😂😂

  • Phantom 309

  • Xavier Russell 1 hour ago

    That cat at the end always makes me lose my shit

  • Unusual Activities 1 hour ago

    Wow you have small hands

  • superluigi infnaf 1 hour ago

    I jerked off to this

  • Drift God2020 1 hour ago

    when this baby hits -8000 mph you're going to see some serious shit.

  • Robert Elisech 1 hour ago

    who the hell made those trucks i would love one

  • indy is awesome, the YouTube sensation! 1 hour ago

    Honestly, one of the best episodes

  • Zone 9 1 hour ago

    The water is trying to exist but can't 😂😂

  • Angel Emmanuel Perez Muniz 1 hour ago

    James's advertising on Big Riggs made me want to get a copy for my self. I hope my shitty computer can run it.

  • HECTOR GONZALEZ 1 hour ago

    Big M O T H E R F U C K I N’ Rigs

  • koolness does stuff 1 hour ago

    this game is awesome

  • Trex 200237 1 hour ago


  • Ryan Japan 1 hour ago

    It’s from Russia or at least made by Russians what were you expecting?

  • Duck_ RBLX 1 hour ago

    It’s the new Mclaren Experimental Reverse gear

  • Carter Aten 1 hour ago

    E.T. vs Dr.jekal and Mr.hyde vs Big Rigs vs desert bus

  • Kevin Lee 1 hour ago

    I know this is a really old video, but SOMEBODY figured out the math behind it. The truck goes 12.3 undecillion mph which is 18.3 octillion times the speed of light. Assuming the observable universe as a sphere with diameter of 92 billion lightyears, that means that this truck travelling at maximum speed could traverse the diameter of the observable universe in under 160 picoseconds. The truck essentially ascends to godhood and becomes the entire universe, being everywhere and nowhere at the same time.

  • Василий Пупкин 1 hour ago

    Russian games in nutshell. Trust me. We have many stupid kids who wants to create games.

  • Clint Eastwood 1 hour ago

    You’re winner…


  • 김동완 1 hour ago

    He looks like Chris pratt without his glasses

  • Alex Lutton 1 hour ago

    I don't know if anyone else knows this, but this game actually had a sequel. Look up "Midnight Race Club: Supercharged!"

  • mgc7199 1 hour ago

    All your base are belong to BIG RIGS!