Sometimes, games that have no horror elements in them at all can suddenly decide they’re Eraserhead. Here are 10 moments in non-horror games that creeped …

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  • Lucid 64 2 months ago

    thr under zone was scarier then mimi the boss, you know, the one with dead souls and distorted screaming of eternal pain?

  • WaluMac 2 months ago


    My head is turning it into a meme and I don't like it

  • What about MK9 and MKX?

  • Raging Raving 2 months ago

    Drowning in Tomb Raider (the original)… that animation made me hydrophobic

  • jennifer pancake 2 months ago

    Oh my god, someone else thinks Mimi is cute?!

  • Pundertale Fan 2 months ago

    That Beetlejuice poster is awesome.

  • Ravioli Flavioli 2 months ago


  • Spock1777 2 months ago

    Caddy you idiot. Hands in a Zelda game always equal bad. Never approach a hand shaped object in a Zelda game. Noob.

  • TheBookworm27 2 months ago

    Giygas from Earthbound. I know everyone says it but it’s true, I was not expecting the final boss to be walking up a set of intestines to see a horrific alien womb thing only for it to turn into a terrifying acid trip with horrific dialogue where nothing you do works except pray for someone to help you (which admittedly makes it such a great ending). Yeah, it’s been said a million times but for good reason. Not an ending I expected from a cute Nintendo game, but that entire cute game is full of hidden dark themes which is kinda cool.

  • Egon Pingas 2 months ago

    6:11 ahh those austrians am i right. ( I am austrian.)

  • Avengers Reject 2 months ago

    I’m so glad I wasn’t the only one who was scared a bit by Ecco the Dolphin.

  • Raptor Gaming 2 months ago

    What about the whole of Bubsy 3d?! That's terrifying!!!

  • GuyBronson 2 months ago

    Heh, the music during the bad trips segment is from Super Paper Mario

  • i regret everything 2 months ago

    One of my scarest moments was the giant spider ant fight from goat simulator mmo

  • Haven’t watched yet but I’m guessing scarecrow moments from Arkham asylum?

  • Thurmaticus 2 months ago

    Nowadays I would add Queen Vanessa to this list

  • ??? ??? 2 months ago

    3:38 hilarious 😂

  • Alex NES 2 months ago

    I forgot that LOZ had the Globglogabgalab in it

  • Kyoobur8000 2 months ago

    Things that would probably scare you (My opinion)

    1 – Spooky's Jumpscare Mansion – Specimen 11 (YEP, HIS NAME IS LITERALLY JUST FUCKING SPECIMEN 11) He's literally a fucking demon in a resturant. See for yourself, if you dare.

    2 – Tattletail's new DLC, Kaliedoscope. See for yourself if you have your bowels ready.

    3 – Final Boss from Space Blaster. It looks like an eye with uhhhh shit around it. Get your balls ready.

    4 – Super Mario Odyssey's Lightning Lord, It's a fucking giant dragon, and it's not bowser, no, It's something much worse. See for yourself, get prepared, because once you see, you'll be spOOped.

    5 – Pikmin 2 – Submerged Castle, No info, It's almost fucking perfect. Prepare your Anus Burgers unless you already saw this shit.

    6 – D0om (see for yourself this one is also perfect)

  • Justin Pino 2 months ago

    Mimi never scared me….

  • Nathan /DraZKing 2 months ago
  • Chuck The gamer 2 months ago

    the asylum in theif was scary

  • Nagito The super high school level lucky student 2 months ago

    Bioshock! Bioshock! Bioshock! Bioshock!

  • Nagito The super high school level lucky student 2 months ago

    You down to drank!!

  • Vox Cruora 2 months ago

    I'm actually rather surprised that he went with the original Ecco, considering Ecco Defender of the Future kicks the surprise horror up to 11.

  • Diamond 2 months ago

    The scariest thing in a non horror game for me is also ocarina of time but not that thing the redeads

  • Aldo Van Dyck 2 months ago

    3:59 EARRAPE #1

  • abichler 2 months ago

    what about the devil's house (Nzo ya Badiabulu) from Metal Gear Solid 5?

  • Tyler Droilard 2 months ago


  • Mediawatcher 2 months ago

    That part in bioshock got me too, I mean yikes!

  • The new Nick Dinkel 2 months ago

    Mimis a spy

  • The new Nick Dinkel 2 months ago

    Slender character

  • The new Nick Dinkel 2 months ago

    The medics a spy

  • The new Nick Dinkel 2 months ago

    eYes stitch shut

  • The new Nick Dinkel 2 months ago

    / |

  • The new Nick Dinkel 2 months ago

    Wat da he/|

  • The new Nick Dinkel 2 months ago

    “Things playing patty cake patty cake with
    Their dear old daddy”

  • Purpleberries Twelve 2 months ago

    Super Paper Mario scared me during that

  • Purpleberries Twelve 2 months ago

    Could you cover Baroque?

  • -Cloud Dog- 2 months ago

    10:40 WHAT DID THEY DO TO MEL? ;~;

  • Sticky Studios 2 months ago

    That intro ALWAYS gave me nightmares!
    And I'm still kinda unnerved about it.

  • Henry M 2 months ago

    That intro 2spooky4me

  • Seans spooky stuff 2 months ago

    whats the song that plays when marios head goes into the fire

  • Jaden Pearce 2 months ago

    You should play what's left of Edith finch

  • Lightning Bolt 2 months ago

    Spongebob was my childhood, It’s Leif Erickson day, October the ninth…October the ninth is my birthday 🤔 HINGA DINGA DURGEN