Another classic from the twisted mind of GDNomad (creator of Autumn Dream and Wooden House). ▻Follow me on Facebook – ▻Follow …

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  • Frankie Cuellar 2 months ago


  • Alexander Willow 2 months ago

    Well that was a waste.

  • FlippinFrogg 2 months ago

    Currently working on my own free horror game, looking at these so I know what not to do…

  • SLENDERFREAK5127 2 months ago

    sigh ANOTHER GDNomad game. I’m at the point where I question why people still pay any attention to this guy’s work. He shits out a “game” every few months that is nearly identical to EVERY OTHER GAME HE’S MADE. We’ve encountered the same assets, the same puzzles, and the same sound cues in each game, just repurposed in different map packs that I’m sure he got on sale or obtained for free (don’t picture him spending a ton on map or asset packs). Granted, there ARE changes and differences in this game when compared to Autumn Dream, but none of them are interesting. Also, in the previous games we usually get a house or some structure that looks decently designed to wander around in before getting bashed in the head and waking up in a gray underground complex, but not this time. STRAIGHT TO THE GREY HALLWAYS WITH YOU.

  • Boogie Knight 2 months ago

    After watching you play Wooden House, all those years ago, it inspired me to dive down the GDNomad rat-hole and, after playing all of them, I can safely say this was the most dull out of all of them; particularly as there were no poorly translated notes to assuage the dull atmosphere. Either way, thank you for continuing to play this mess. Your commentary makes the slog better than the game could ever be.

  • Sam Klappstein 2 months ago

    Looks like the devs are continuing the tradition of making absolutely shitty games lol.

  • daniel godwin 2 months ago

    im thinking stuff like this is less about the game and more about a moral message behind it ? in kind of a depressed motive? idk… it looks like the guy isnt a christian lol .hes gone to hell! weird and boring right tho mate.

  • Louis G. 2 months ago

    Great video! Any plans to play Detroit: Become Human?

  • Kylie Punky Pixie Dowers 2 months ago

    The creator of this always makes trash games and never gets anyone to decently proof read his stuff, he should not charge for his games, they are so bad he should pay people to play them…

  • Scaredy Cat 2 months ago

    not such a great game, but your commentary saves the day as usual!!!

  • Hoonozit 2 months ago

    Thanks for the video.

  • EglantineLansbury 2 months ago

    Yes, I second Horns of Fear!!

  • mich winterfell 2 months ago

    I have improved my english with your videos, thanks a lot.
    You have a really nice voice.
    hope you keep going with the games, I really like them.

  • AnssiVIH 2 months ago

    I started laughing immediately i heard wooden house =D

  • Ry Cannon 2 months ago

    I definitely liked the color pewter until I watched this 😂 nice game though

  • Bionic Babe 2 months ago

    Well… That was an expected let down.
    Oh, btw CJU, I came across an indie horror game gem. It's called "Horns of Fear". I really recommend it. An amazing side scrolling puzzle horror game. I think you would really like it since you enjoy oldschool horror games. Has a nice modern twist to it and a neat visual style. Only $5 on Steam too. 😀

  • Gaaraloverr1 2 months ago

    sees “Terrible” in the video title
    clicks video without a moment’s hesitation

    As much as I love a good horror game, it’s the god awful ones that really help put things in perspective!

  • Loki Cooper 2 months ago

    "Bland and boring." Absolutely. It felt like this was a dream the dev had, and thought it would be a cool idea, but it fell flat.

    When I saw who it made this game, I thought, "Oh, no! Chris, you're a glutton for punishment." LOL Like others before me, I do love to watch you play a terrible game, but this really was a boring one. Your commentary is the best part of it.

  • Rebecca Evans 2 months ago

    Very underwhelming game 😑

  • Rachel Diabo 2 months ago

    I kept waiting for something big to happen cause the background music was pretty eerie. Got me wanting a decent jump scare. I'll watch you play anything.

  • Night Phoenix 2 months ago


  • Godzilla 2 months ago

    If you look at the ALL reviews of this game on steam. They seem to be from one person. but with lots of different accounts. You can spot them a mile away cos they all have thumb nail of numbers. Seems fishy.

  • Pablo Ricardo 2 months ago

    I seeeeee, another try to GDnomad! Dont you ever learned my friend??? XD

  • Slink-E The Fox 2 months ago

    10/10. ;p

  • OutlawRebel117 2 months ago

    Wow I don't think I remember anything so bland except that sci-fi film I saw once.

  • usmansm 2 months ago

    You could be a voice actor for videogames. You have a great voice especially for commentary. Have become your fan now.

  • Izma Abbasi 2 months ago

    That was tremendously boring Game 😣

  • zeratulcraft 2 months ago

    The terrible tag just gets me so eager for the video.

  • FoulMouthedNewEnglander 2 months ago

    Have you ever done a video of your favorite indie horror games? Or would be willing to?

  • Ali Mohammadi 2 months ago

    i must say.. this is a very shiny hospital

  • Sharlie L 2 months ago

    it misses a lot but it has potential.

  • tinimaus1986 2 months ago

    You might have tried a second part of crying is not enough 🤷🏻‍♀️😋

  • LeicaGermanShepherd 2 months ago

    Thumbs up if you just lost 24 minutes of your life that you will never get back, lol

  • Immortal Origins 2 months ago

    Such a "GREY" game…visually, story and scare wise…
    I did not expect most from GDNomad, I am just not sure if this was better or worse then the others…
    Can't wait to see what he comes up with next lol seeing how bad these games end up is becoming a guilty pleasure of mind…might be the reason why people still buy these LOL

    I will call this game Fifity Shades of Grey the Horror Game feat a Tentacle Monster lol

    Ps: Cheap for these games would be free…paying anything for this is an insult to devs that actually try…(even "Crying is not enough" is a better attempt although also overpriced…)

  • Jason Barenberg 2 months ago

    Your opinion at the end was exactly what I was thinking. It’s fun watching you play good games and really bad games. But this one was just boring. Poor developer is 0/3.

  • HD Anonymous 2 months ago

    Finally he admitted to a bad game

  • blehblehbleh 2 months ago

    I always see those upside down crosses as swords…

  • Jonas Christensen 2 months ago

    GDNomad will probably escalate the absurdness of his works until the concept and actual media of the product is essentially unrecognizable, leading to it somehow making it into MoMA.

  • Jason Barenberg 2 months ago

    You ever check out Dark Horror Games website? Lots of free horror games. Some awesome some terrible. A lot that would make good single video play throughs I’d like to see you play.

  • Alex Olinkiewicz 2 months ago

    LOL, You had me at Autumn Dream and Wooden House.

    p.s. don't give up on "Crying Is Not Enough" you survived the Agony, you can survive that game as well.

  • Mhio Chan 2 months ago

    2nd post!!! Cool vid. God bless!!!

  • first post