Subscribe! It will keep you updated!: Today I try out Pokemon NXT, a custom made pokemon game! It is a remake of the classic …

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  • youtube tech Kashyap 2 months ago

    it is a pc game or not

  • Roojee Khan 2 months ago

    how to 3ds emulator

  • Raghuveer Singh 2 months ago


  • Alu derChef 2 months ago

    how to get more Pokémon in this game?

  • Simo K. 2 months ago

    oh cmon! i wanted to download it but it said its under development! But i wait when new verison comes out and i will download it! Thank you for doing that gameplay! i finally found my dream pokemon game!

  • ari satwib 2 months ago

    this game is offline?

  • Derick Later 2 months ago


  • little prince Pacarat 2 months ago

    what is this game

  • Ray Rhythm 2 months ago

    anyone played it?

  • Jesryl Rosales 2 months ago

    that's a stupid game

  • MRSWAGFGGTNOSPACE. 2 months ago

    is there more then 2 Pokemon?

  • Tinker Vitass 2 months ago

    Can I play this on my android phone?

  • Nikolas Sakarakas 2 months ago


  • Christopher Jones 2 months ago

    you called pidgeotto PIDGEY and charmander CHARMELEON

  • CoreifyGames 2 months ago

    Quick alert to all who are wanting a Pokemon MMO and/or a game on PC…It will never happen. Shigeru Miyamoto has zero interest in joining the PC game, as well as Nintendo and Gamefreak who share his opinion. There will never be a Pokemon MMO because logistically and technically it cannot work. It will be broken, and there will be side effects and hackers trying to break it. People will have multiple Pokemon, most, if not all, will have hacked ones that nobody else will be able to get, hackers at level 1 will have level 100 pokemon with all the best moves, and the game will inevitably shut down due to ninterest in it from Nintendo and Gamefreak. As for the PC games as solos, they will not do it. PC was never announced as a joining for Nintendo to start on, and even if it is/was, the subcompanies will have to agree to it as well, as Gamefreak has already stated they will NOT, absolutely not, put out any games for PC, especially Pokemon ones. Hackers will exploit the game and inevitably break it and others will simply pirate it and Nintendo/GF will gain nothing from their hard work. Not to mention, being portable is what Pokemon is all about. A standalone MMO of Pokemon just wouldn't be POKEMON, as it literally means "Monsters in your Pocket".Last time I checked, you can't take a high-end PC/laptop around so casually. HENCE Pokemon GO. Nintendo's official Mobile Pokemon game. MOBILE. Pokemon isn't meant to be played sitting around on a couch, it's meant to bring people together to share their love and experiences with the franchise. Nintendo is taking down all of these fan games BECAUSE they don't want people to A) Make money on their franchises and B) Sit around thinking that they won't need their mobile devices anymore, thus killing off the whole spirit OF Pokemon.

    My Rant is done. Do with it what you will.

  • Nafista94 2 months ago

    is this gonna work for pc

  • Reed Turpen 2 months ago

    no other pokemon except for rattata and pidgey/pidgeotto

  • Reed Turpen 2 months ago

    the pidgey looks like pidgeotto

  • Reed Turpen 2 months ago

    the pp of the pokemon you send out slowly goes down. when it is completely gone your pokemon gets returned. you cant catch pokemon or use potions on you weakened pokemon. in other words, this game is so underdeveloped i dont think i can actually call it a game.

  • Lethal Abyss 2 months ago

    hopefully they make it were you can create your character and why they cancelled Pokémon Generations idk

  • Jace Willden 2 months ago

    The first Pokemon that you fought was a pidgeoto smart one.

  • stuff lanes 2 months ago

    I haved played pokemon nxt and it rocked

  • Dark Deeds 2 months ago

    The game will be better if he makes some buildings like those in the anime or games. And if you can attack a pokemon in a certain space instead of them running around, like let ash challenge a pokemon then the battle starts in a private space.

  • Lucas Glander 2 months ago


  • naruto uzumaki 2 months ago

    why does it have white sidebars

  • GameStone 2 months ago

    Earned a sub for finding this game thx