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  • Lostyboy Gamer21 8 hours ago

    Where's overwatch

  • Donny P 8 hours ago

    “Quit sucking Nintendo” your wish came true Craig

  • Max Marriner 8 hours ago

    This list could stand for an update.

  • Ari_Zona 8 hours ago

    yes u mentioned pso online!!! ver.2 was the best for dreamcast!!!

  • Minister 8 hours ago

    Solid list for the time

  • Adam Destructor Jr. 8 hours ago

    I've looked through THOUSANDS of comments and nobody even MENTIONS Quake 3 Arena for the Dreamcast

  • yeezy piece 8 hours ago

    Black ops should had made the #1 wtf…

  • FL Frost 8 hours ago


  • nypad5 8 hours ago

    speaking of little big! Its amazing how sony had so much nintendo lovers too . I hate console wars so much! I remember getting my ps3 and Modnation racers…whos number 1 2 and 3 downloaded? Mario…Luigi…and …iron man… LOL but Miiyamoto was impressed with LBP that everyone was making mario levels! That inspired him to do mario maker.

  • Thugnificent 7 8 hours ago

    When I saw Cod at number 2 I was like if halo it's not number one I'm gonna do whatever it takes to shutdown this channel

  • Sir Fiber 8 hours ago

    what about warhawk? that was the best ps3 multiplayer game of all time IMO

  • TheGoldminor 8 hours ago

    i want this to be remade with the current gen consoles.

  • Blade1301 8 hours ago

    Mari kart wii and Street Fighter are the only ones I'd play. the rest…. FPS… no thanks.

  • Ede Dizon 8 hours ago

    no gears of war franchise ?

  • Utgjjdjfjakajagsjxnj 8 hours ago

    What about mk

  • Kyan Baxter 8 hours ago

    Omg phantasy star online…that takes me back

  • SomeRandomDood E 8 hours ago

    Everyone loves halo

  • Josh Maze 8 hours ago

    HALO 2!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • ear bud 8 hours ago


  • southweststrangla420 8 hours ago

    halo sucked. never liked any of them.

  • GETxS0ME 8 hours ago

    I would've been pissed if Halo 2 wasn't #1. But I was kinda curious either conquer live and reloaded or even tribes Ariel assault wasn't on the list

  • IRIDEDIRTY 8 hours ago

    two games missing: SOCOM/ Counter Strike… Done

  • logan magoc 8 hours ago

    battlefront 2 is greater

  • Jonathan BarSela 8 hours ago

    Modern Warfare is just great. Shame about the rest of the series. Nothing good can be gained if you just milk your franchise with games that doesn't even take a year to be made.

  • Sklortus 8 hours ago

    halo is overrated trash

  • vitaliy flyak 8 hours ago

    halo sucks all of the dicks

  • GamerGuy03 8 hours ago

    I'm up to the recap. I bet ten dollars that a halo game is 1.
    Come on, who wants to fight my judgment.

  • TJ Thomas 8 hours ago

    I am not surprised that Halo 2 was #1.

  • Some soy boy 8 hours ago

    I'm just glad halo is #1

  • Demon Rantz 8 hours ago

    I'm still playing Uncharted 2 online 🙂

  • Shazeen82 8 hours ago

    console and multiplayer? Lol Only in a flat with friends… its fun…

  • CLAUDEvanDAMN 8 hours ago

    6:24 What version of the theme is that?

  • Amitai Garcia 8 hours ago

    Yes halo 2 !!!!!!!

  • edc2879 8 hours ago

    Halo and Cod overrated gosh I miss Timesplitters.  

  • Hex Elderon 8 hours ago

    if you can figure out how to use the translation patch, you can actually play PSO2. or you could try learning japanese, either way, PSO2.

  • karrass 8 hours ago

    good news 343 is going to make a all in one halo with of couse halo 2 multiplayer

  • HunterAssassin 1 8 hours ago

    i really like halo 2 and cod black ops1,2,modren warfare3,ghost

  • Jusey1 8 hours ago

    I prefer the original Halo on the PC over Halo 2 for online multiplayer honestly… It's free.

  • Cunt Sniffer 8 hours ago

    Wii U is coming up with new games for online! I am so excited!!