A ranking of the best role-playing games on the Xbox 360 console from its release up to the present. ORDER these Games NOW! Mass Effect 2 ($16.99) …

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  • Lil Davy 2 months ago

    Wait, what about Dragons Dogma: Dark Arisen? Or Reckoning? Where in the world did you get those statistics? Dragons Dogma in my opinion is way better than Skyrim unless you've modded it then I can say it's better but if your playing regular vanilla gameplay skyrim doesn't even compare to DD.

  • Francisco Peña 2 months ago

    The worst rpg top ever… Diablo III??? Wtf… Where is Blue Dragon?… Lost Odyssey?…

  • RengaBeats 2 months ago

    so… I like turnbased JRPGs… and this list has none of that…

  • Derick Bacud 2 months ago

    And this is why you dont do a list based on the critics thingy

  • Charles Wilson 2 months ago

    There is only one game better than Skyrim. That is Skyrim legendary edition.

  • Charles Wilson 2 months ago

    This whole list is 💩. The trusted critics must of been a bunch of braindead chimps.

  • Charles Wilson 2 months ago

    🖕 Oblivion ❤ Skyrim.

  • Charles Wilson 2 months ago

    I think Oblivion is overrated in my opinion. It was great until Skyrim came out. Now it is sub par at most compared to it's successor.

  • Charles Wilson 2 months ago

    Skyrim should be number one. There is more you can do in that game than all others combined. I think it deserves top three a least.

  • MrClony 2 months ago

    Oblivion better than skyrim??

  • margaret amisah 2 months ago

    Diablo3 is good bruh

  • Jorge Antonio Ramírez Boza 2 months ago

    WTF whit you guys????!!!! Where's The Witcher 2?????!!!!!

  • Yon Law 2 months ago

    1) skyrim
    2) Dark souls
    3) The witcher 2

  • white fango 2 months ago

    This is his top ten favorite game what a dick

  • Really Easton 2 months ago

    New Vegas

  • Raj kumar.R 2 months ago

    Xbox 360E is worth for buying in 2018 ????? Can i play upcoming games in xbox 360 e ???? Or i have to buy xboxone s or ps4 ?
    I like to spend less bucks so xbox 360 is easy to get or I need to save more bucks to get ps4 or xbox one s

  • Long Box of Justice 2 months ago

    Cough dragon age cough

  • hookerdoodles 2 months ago

    that awkward moment your "RPG " list is mostly shooters…. fail.

  • ASSASSIN Fan434 2 months ago

    Skyrim is Ubisoft and so is Assassin's Creed, but Assassin's Creed is Ubisoft's money maker. Sorry but the Assassin's Creed saga is more successful than the Skyrim saga.

  • ستارك STARK l 2 months ago

    sorry but ware is dragon dogma ?

  • Masters1984 2 months ago

    Mass Effect 2 is really the best.

  • Kale Garcia 2 months ago

    Witcher 3?

  • Yarai Tsu 2 months ago

    and about Dark Souls and Dragon age ?

  • CODE REZ 2 months ago

    Dark Souls anyone? one of the best RPGs of all time! no'??

  • CODE REZ 2 months ago

    borderlands 2 an RPG??? ooooo k

  • bradley 076 2 months ago

    Skyrim. Nuff said

  • Aaron Wilcox 2 months ago

    Skyrim should be 1. Hands down, I haven't played it as much as I wanted to, but skyrim deserves 1 no doubt.

  • Pwnzistor 2 months ago

    EA Bioware can suck my dick.

  • xPlantpoTx 2 months ago

    NO dark souls……… Fix your top 10!

  • DA.K King 2 months ago

    not ONE DragoneAge game…hmmm🤔

  • Julio Ramos Gameplays 2 months ago

    this not are RPG lol . bad