Let’s go through the best 2 player and couch co-op games. Updated List More on Housemarque …

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  • Oscar Cooper 1 week ago

    0:11 AwesomeNauts Assemble
    1:14 The of Binding Issac Rebirth
    2:00 Plants Vs Zombies 2 Garden Warfare
    2:45 Don't Starve Together
    4:22 Bro Force
    5:44 Nex Machina
    6:56 Enter The Gungeon
    8:08 TrackMania Turbo
    9:33 Salt and Sanctuary
    10:52 Rocket League
    11:46 Helldivers
    12:43 Alienation
    13:57 Wipeout Omega Collection
    15:29 Diablo 3
    18:28 Borderlands The Handsome Collection

  • Lord Amun Raa 1 week ago

    Nice baby games

  • AresDemigod 1 week ago

    shit games

  • CDTheMinerDude CDTheMinerDude 1 week ago

    Is plants vs zombies free??

  • Comrade2face 1 week ago

    here's hoping fallout 76 will have a splitscreen option

  • Ilike Potato 1 week ago

    I had so much fun with pvz:gw2

  • Laszlo Neumann 1 week ago

    Diablo 3 for a couch multiplayer coop list….you basically lost your relevance right there
    Also Nex machina/Helldivers/Alienation are basically identical
    Plants vs Zombies is not really good in splitscreen
    Also Pyre is not on the list like wtf?

  • iwilleatyopussy 1 week ago

    Absolute garbage list!

  • Riley Dahlberg 1 week ago

    I just now realized that Garden Warfare is CoD Modern Warfare joke. That is really funny

  • Ruffdog shadow sauce dog 1 week ago

    Non of these shit are free

  • Νικος Σιμιτσοπουλος 1 week ago


  • Madison Browder 1 week ago

    Everybody knows how to play multiplayer on rocket league

  • Zerus Zephuros 1 week ago

    No game names on screen? Because it's hard to make it out from your soft-hazy voice

  • Felix Cintron 1 week ago

    I like the list

  • EnderPro Games 1 week ago

    This is the best split screen video I have ever watched, you should make more! I love this video so much!

  • XxFranco_ PS4 1 week ago

    Great list. Gives me a few ideas indeed.

  • Nicholas Muto 1 week ago

    What about time force? Better than broforce IMO

  • Hoguer Orozco 1 week ago

    Brah I was looking PS4 not no fuckin Nintendo games ya serious 😂😂😂😂😂

  • Chris Wolf 1 week ago

    no grand tourismo sport ?

  • YaQpl 1 week ago

    What no Magica 2????

  • Gerber Maldonado 1 week ago

    Addictive games can you do that instead

  • Mati Blaster 1 week ago

    – A Way Out
    – Gran Turismo Sport
    – Overcooked
    – Obviously FIFA and Pro Evolution Soccer
    – Worms Battlegrounds
    – Worms W.M.D
    – Burnout Paradise Remastered Party Mode (only hot seat)
    – any LEGO game
    – Call of Duty Zombie mode (not sure, I guess)


  • Muhammed USLU 1 week ago

    Is ps4 an atari? Sega? Wtf are these?

  • Muhammed USLU 1 week ago

    Thnx for the sharing but this is not atari… we give hundreds of dollars and tousands of turkish liras for ps4 and the result is disaster! Except nba fifa and pes.. there is no any other graphical game to play with friends on the same tv. Fuck ps4

  • Matiyas Metek 1 week ago

    These are stupid games man

  • Vocke 1 week ago

    thanks for the video really enjoyed it. But if you want a nice Co-op splitscreen jump'n'run game i'd totally recommend rayman Legends. This game is brilliant

  • Shun Kazuo 1 week ago

    Nex machina reminds me of resogun