We explore the mansion of infamous toymaker Henry Stauf and get to know his ghostly guests, but who is the 7th? Games available here: …

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  • *slurp**slurp**slurp*

  • Chi Wai Tran 2 months ago

    You should have mentioned how stupid the story for 11th hour was. Stauf’s mansion “rapes” a girl and she gives birth to a demon child. Game developers back then were total dorks lol

  • Heather Calun 2 months ago

    I've heard people insist that 11th Hour is a failed follow-up to the 7th Guest. Outside of the fact that a lot of the puzzles are retreads, I don't really understand this argument. The puzzles are better in the sequel, at least in the sense that you can now skip over the ones you don't like.

    But mostly, what I like about this franchise is its story. And don't get me wrong, the story the cutscenes from 11th Hour tell is god awful, but I can't help but find a certain charm in it. It's not exactly so bad it's good, but it reminds me of something the Cinema Snob would review; gloriously dated, horrible video quality, actors who were obviously not actors, it's violent and gory and pointlessly sexual, the writer clearly had problems with women, scene after scene that goes nowhere, and an ending that makes less sense the more you think about it. If you can stomach the rape subplot, it's mesmerizingly campy.

    That's more than can be said about The 7th Guest, which doesn't have a plot. It's just a ten car pile-up of haunted house cliches. There's something about cursed dolls and a party where Stauf murdered everyone, but the details keep changing like the writers were making it up as they were going along. And then at the end you figure out that you were the ghost of a little boy who time traveled or something, and for some reason this epiphany causes Stauf to be sucked into hell, even though he's already been dead for a decade. I mean usually I think something is more entertaining the more random and incoherent it is, but I'll take the grainy exploitation flick over the absolute mess that is The 7th Guest's story.

  • Heather Calun 2 months ago

    The only thing legitimately good about either of these games is the soundtrack. The music was done by "The Fat Man and Team Fat", who later changed their band name to "European Sex Machine". They also did a lot of the music for the later Humongous Entertainment games, most memorably "Welcome to the Zoo" from Putt Putt. Their non-soundtrack albums mostly sound like off-brand They Might Be Giants, but for these two games they dropped their novelty song schtick and created an album that was moody, haunting, and even kind of psychedelic. It's ironic because a cornier soundtrack would have better reflected the story you actually get when you play the game. If you want my advice, if you play a game for its story, skip these games and just buy the soundtrack instead. Whatever tale of dangerous games, Faustian deals, and descents into madness you imagine while listening to it, I guarantee it's 1000x better than the actual "plot" of these games.

  • SchlossRitter 2 months ago

    Hidden fact about the final 11th Hour puzzle… the game secretly modifies itself after the credits to make that puzzle's AI think further ahead (and go first?) the next time you play it. So if you want to see all three endings without the puzzle getting harder, you need to terminate the game program before the end of the credits, which involved hitting the reset/power button on my PC back then.

  • Linux DOS 2 months ago

    I still have both these games in their "opened" boxes. The 7th Guest & 11the Hour.
    Old school games. They were fun to play .. Hard to believe it has been almost 25 years
    since I got – The 7th guest. Thanks for the fun review!

  • txund erball 2 months ago

    Yeah, the microscope/blue and green goo puzzle was even released as a separate title for casual gamers in 2011. Seriously. It was called The 7th Guest: Infestation.

  • Dragon might fly 2 months ago

    Dragon is waiting for the next video. 😱 Geeky hurry up. can't wait any longer 😭

  • Cannot be Tamed 2 months ago

    Another great review! The 7th Guest is one of those game I was always aware of but never actually played. I guess that's probably for the best based on the puzzles but the cutscenes and house coming to life look pretty cool.

  • Anja Wassermann 2 months ago

    Yay! I'm so excited that you do Kings Quest next. Kings Quest VII was the first game I played (together with my mother). But I was never able to play the other games, unfortunately. I played the first one and was so frustrated that I stopped. Maybe I should try 5 or 6 instead. The 7th Guest seems to be also a little frustrating. I hate chess puzzles. Or puzzles that aren't inventory object puzzles.

  • Dragon might fly 2 months ago

    What the f… Damn Geeky that was the best video I've ever seen from you. I really enjoyed watching. Common man, make the monkey! 😍😜

  • DannyDeVitosFeet 2 months ago

    noice vid