While crash damage is relatively common these days in racing games, random mechanical failures are still something no one seems willing to do. Don’t forget to …

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  • Rupert Boyce-Bown 2 months ago

    Colin McRae Rally 2.0 on PS1 had this. You could lose gears, lose power from the exhaust etc. Loads of things. So annoying when the electrics went on a night rally, and you had to drive by the light from your hazard flashers.

  • Marcin Bogacz 2 months ago

    You should play My Summer Car. It is surprising good game, and there are mechanical failures. They are not random. If you built your car wrong, then some parts will break faster, but there is a lot of parts that can break on the road and even on the race. I remember when my water pump broke, and I barely made it to finish line. I was hearing sound of slippering belt, and increasing engine temperature, and it was very, very exciting.

  • scottthewaterwarrior 2 months ago

    I don't remember what game it was, but I know I had at least one racing game as a kid that had an option for mechanical failures. I agree they would be a cool thing to add so long as it is an option and you can turn them off. If I ever got back into sim racers, I'd probably leave them on. Hell, even in an arcade racer like Burnout it might be fun, with different kind of failures like no brakes or reversed steering.

  • Mike Dwan 2 months ago

    Project cars 2 already has this . . .

  • T04STY 2 months ago

    one other close example are F1 games from 12/13 for example. There weren't such things as random mechanical failures but there were scenarios where a failure happenend and you need to bring it home, like gearbox isses, engine problems. I enjoyed these and never understood why it wasn't an option for the base game if they even modelled these things.

  • Dr Earnhardt 2 months ago

    games are meant to be fun and feel competitive. having your race ruined for no reason because a 0 randomly turned into a 1 does not feel competitive at all, and would likely only contribute to anger and rage.

  • Italo Ludgero 2 months ago

    You kinda sound like a racing SwaggerSouls

  • Nikola Savović 2 months ago

    EA's F1 2002 had random mechanical failures , I remember playing as kid with BAR Honda and engine exploded outta nowhere mid race and forced me to retire from points. Also Grand Prix 4 had them too for both AI and player, for example I was forced to pit because of loose wheel just 2 laps after my scheduled one

  • brodeur212 2 months ago

    Why just not a on/off option ? Those who like just enable it

  • Cole Bertrand 2 months ago

    Actually it was really strange I was playing Project Cars 2 in a Pagani Zonda R on Nurburgring at night and everything's going well so far until all of a sudden there's no problem with the fuel tank there's absolutely nothing I haven't crashed I haven't messed up in any way shape or form but my engine blows out and still to this day I think it was the only case that I had a true mechanical failure in a video game now the concept of mechanical failures occurring in video games does intrigue me because I like the challenge I like dealing with what happens in a race but determining how it happens or what happens or when why how maybe a challenge because no one really knows a lot of the times how or why a car inevitably you know loses power or having trouble with transmission or suspension or burning fuel to quickly those kinds of areas of mechanical failure Beyond one's control can be difficult to figure out and put into a system of events and possible chances but that's just my opinion certainly there a lot of other people who feel differently about this and I'd like to see what other people think because it's a really really interesting topic and I'm glad that Alex I brought this up so thank you and if anything what would really be a great idea like for example project cars 2 it has the option to put in mechanical damage which allows you to blow out your engine damage suspension lose Wheels but what if there was an option to choose mechanical faults such as vehicle wear like it doesn't have to be a full-on function of the game for people who casually like to play racing games they can have those functions off but for those who really want to have that possibility of dealing with something of that caliber they have that option it's interesting but still if developers were to put in this Nuance of possible mechanical failures to occur on a random basis they would be unsure as to what degree of chance or possibility or likelihood that a vehicle comes across that kind of issue it would be a lot easier if I knew the process of making certain patches and fixes to games knowing what's going on in the mind of a developer or a programmer but that's just what I think and though I really really like the idea of coming across a random fit of issues with a car during a long race and having to deal with it throughout and still succeeding to do what was meant to be done during said race actually going through with it is probably the biggest challenge of all…

  • Tobias Zistler 2 months ago

    Look at my summer car ther are machanical faliurs can always happen and you must repair it
    Its literaly not a real racing game its more a finish gta but the machanical aspect os the biggest part of the game you litarly restor your on car from ground up 😀

  • drdoomslab 2 months ago

    Ok i really get this but there is a problem. Time. Time for the developer and time for the end user. Most dont have time for this.

  • Antonio. 2 months ago

    Alfa Romeo Driving Simulator

  • Djhg2000 2 months ago

    I made a poll about this on the official BeamNG forums:

    So far you're getting a lot of support for your idea!

  • xJMak90x x 2 months ago

    Fail rac project cars had it and it sucked
    We used to run a league 8braces in a season i had 3 failures one season

  • Roynish Jhuboo 2 months ago

    F1 2006 also had the same issues as you one you remember. it also had random puntures. random puntures was also in F12010. in f1 2010, depending on the level of the Ai or the lap number, you could get from gearbox issues(skipping a gear) to reduced power

  • weidmann44 2 months ago

    As far as I know only the Grand Prix series had random mechanical failures and you could even choose what kind of failures were possible. Sure, it could annoy you but just as Alex said, the races where something happened are the ones you remember. In Grand Prix 4 i was racing with my buddy in Spain when my suspension gave up at 300kph in a braking zone and i went flying into the barriers. But as he said, it's a part of racing and I would love to have all these things back in for example the F1 games

  • Boxsterholics 2 months ago

    Revhead does it to an extent as you have to maintain them, and if you neglect to… The engine blows up, same with my summer car.

  • Just seems annoying honestly.

  • Jeff Ma 2 months ago

    u have never played [my summercar ]befor i bet

  • Sedan57Chevy 2 months ago

    Wow. Had to go direct to the failrace page to see this video…didn't show up on my Subscriptions page. Damn youtube keeping the best Failrace from me.

  • KenPlays 2 months ago

    BeamNG has brake fade, overheating, and they're adding tire wear and other stuff too.