A huge collection of best PS3 games 2006-2015 Part 2 This collection has some mediocre games A lot of games also on Xbox 360 and PC and some on PS4 …

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  • Awesome things ever 2 months ago

    You did very hard work appreciate keep it up

  • ALIBEK DAUROV 2 months ago

    Русские есть тут ? Или я один ?

  • ilyas csc 2 months ago

    Fack you beach

  • James Murr 2 months ago

    nice videos

  • خربانه الدنيه 2 months ago

    Great jop

  • Rovin Corales 2 months ago

    Oe al último te maleas como vas a poner esos juegos p de la mariposa y ese juego se mesa

  • Brian Edlund 2 months ago

    Most of these are dumb games. War shooting games I hate. I am mainly into RPG and some racing and some pinball and into Resident evil and Final fantasy games.

  • Game Killer 2 months ago

    I love with my ps3 &ps4

  • Salem Abu arash 2 months ago

    Thank you very match great job…i am grateful to you

  • king pin 2 months ago

    00:39 my favorite

  • Aldemir x8 2 months ago

    gamerprove 👏👏👏

  • dante sparda 2 months ago

    They forgot to add to whats dogs which is a good game for ps3

  • Álvaro Javier Castelar Estrada 2 months ago

    spiderman 3 looks like shit

  • Jones Johnson 2 months ago

    Hello, how you doing today? Like to know if you are a playstation 3 fan and gamer? Cos need someone who has good +18 M collection games at home To chat with and help me out with some games from there too,cos can't get good ones out here outside the country & no access to unlimited network for downloading too so lets chat on line app I.d Jonesbossng

  • белая лиса 2 months ago

    6:59 Wow that game is like mighty No. 9ª, I realized that inafune is a real son of a bitch, MN9 is a copy of this nasty game, poor bastard that inafune shall burn in hell.

  • Elmansur Wolf 2 months ago

    thank's my man!!you are awesome!very nice video

  • Alvaro Alas 2 months ago

    damn this is awesome

  • John Tollis 2 months ago

    Out of all the games on this video segment, I have the complete edition of: #106 Midnight Club Los Angeles (2:46).

  • SaidSabeq سابق سعيد 2 months ago

    now i llllove my ps3 because of you dude

  • amir bouras 2 months ago

    i like ps3 <3

  • Doo Ghhg 2 months ago

    i like ps3 games

  • Ido Kuttner 2 months ago

    Thank you so much, very nice videos 🙂

  • andres martinez 2 months ago

    yo no gastaría ni un dolar por ese pinball ni por ese juego de la mariposa que porqueria

  • John Lowk 2 months ago

    Jet set radio is for xbox

  • alldaygrillah 2 months ago

    Ibb Obb looks interesting.