The Pz III is not the most utilised tank in Tier IV but it is nonetheless a super tank and also an amazing tank to learn fast tank skills which you can then carry on to …

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  • Alexander Roy 2 months ago

    Clan mate just put me onto your channel – fup me mate, these videos are class! Going to post in our clan discord. PMSL!

  • Darrell Mosca 2 months ago

    my favourite blitzer! no BS, no showing off, just brilliant, easy to watch videos that give great info in a funny and informal format. Brilliant mate!

  • Devin Deleon 2 months ago

    Thanks mush! Another great video. So funny! Guys just note that if you're watching his videos in public use headphones – OMG it's f37king hilarious but in no way PC! :))))

  • Armand Bader Voisin 2 months ago

    Are u on Eu or Asia ?

  • Mustafa AL-Shoghri 2 months ago

    The 5 cm gun have more DPM but I like to use the 7.5 gun because the enemy tanks will be so panicked when they lose almost half of their HP with it 😂

  • too op tank