Planet Coaster Adventure Pack Review! In this video I give full coverage on all the new contest included in this DLC pack! Update Notes 2 new transport rides 1 …

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  • Channel5 Gaming 2 months ago

    Small correction! After playing around some more I have noticed the 2 boars rides are in fact different. The first one you saw is on a river rapids style track whereas the other one is on a single rail which can be hidden under water much better! I actually prefer the 2nd one! 😀

  • Tómas Máni Bjarnason 2 months ago

    I wish i had this pakk

  • Playmobil City 2 months ago

    Wait, I didn't know frontier was coming out with a Jurassic park game! Now I'm excited!

  • Yee McGee 2 months ago

    I’m planning to build a swinging mine train through a volcano on the lift up boards will break and rumbles can be heard then you drop into a lava cave

  • We need a safari pack
    Kinda like h is one bu more jungle themed
    It adds a track ride truck, animals, a lot of new plants and scenery

  • RrrSoS 2 months ago

    Frontier should add in a Park Enthusiast trait to some of the guests, and have them rate your park and attractions. Maybe even have them rank your coasters compared to Workshop creations.

  • Terri Pridgen 2 months ago

    They really need to add dinosaurs and other animals to Planet coaster I think it would make it more exciting for everyone

  • MiNombreEsElCamaron 2 months ago

    8:20 did he say booty traps?

  • KyaneTiger 2 months ago

    Can someone do a Ninja Training themed rollercoaster with the traps. Thank me later for the idea lol.

  • Total Shots 2 months ago

    I didn’t buy the spooky pack but this one looks worth buying!

  • Mrnotsogayman 2 months ago

    Shame the mine carts are track based and not physics… 🙁 …just like all the water rides. 🙁

  • Oldmanfunky 2 months ago

    Oh didn't know about the grid changes! That is awesome. Now if they can give us a bit more freedom with the paths.

  • Oldmanfunky 2 months ago

    Temple of doom mine ride in the future.

  • JohnWoo / Pinnath 2 months ago

    when ever there is something new to this game i know to come straight to your channel, thanks for the quick videos of the updates. keep it up

  • Luke Alexander 2 months ago

    The two boat rides are different
    One has a trough and one can go in a lake or something like that and has no trough it has just got a track

  • Falchion Of Eternity 2 months ago

    I'm surprised they made a replica Jungle Cruise ride.

  • nathan smiddy 2 months ago

    you mean jurassic world evolution?

  • Worldmaker 2 months ago

    Hey Johnny, you can not only filter them you can also sort them by group… (Just click on the "Name" button with the small arrow looking down) 26:52 . Great Review by the way! thx.

  • Lemon Muffin 2 months ago

    In my opinion, they should have added the jeep track/transport ride like indiana jones at disneyland. they could also add customizable movement of the cars like tilt and pitch.

  • 7b7Ben 2 months ago

    Where are the dinosaurs ? 🙁

  • wafflesbro5412 2 months ago

    they have crocs now so i assume the sharks are coming