Download: Only a small part shown. You can lose these guys and there is a story mission.

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  • TTGuitar2013 3 hours ago

    Not sure why this is called "driving horror". Where I'm from this is called "going to walmart".

  • MusicallyInclined101 3 hours ago



  • Patrick Sullivan 3 hours ago

    my sister drives better than this guy

  • Hugh Mungus 3 hours ago

    This is like trying to get away from immigrant muslims that have infested your city

  • Scary? Make main player passenger-side to Japanese woman driver. Now that's horror.

  • Rick Chambers 3 hours ago

    That’s gotta be VR

  • the couch manager 3 hours ago

    Sounds like a grass cutter machine

  • Maria Isabella 3 hours ago

    Great comedy game

  • raquel perez 3 hours ago

    it sounds like youre driving a speedboat

  • Reuter Atwork 3 hours ago

    Looks like a car…sounds like a lawn mower…

  • Rubico 3 hours ago

    Is there an escaping a forest fire level? That'd be pretty neat

  • jebes909090 3 hours ago

    i dont even want to watch it being played, because i think its going to be amazing!!!!!!!!!

  • Shai Nemesh 3 hours ago

    pc only? I need it on ps4

  • Deage McDiddly 3 hours ago

    I love how it just reads "Death" at the end. Cool concept for a game though.

  • Adonnus100 3 hours ago

    Reminds me of the movie Duel

  • G Higgs 3 hours ago

    The scariest part of this is the guy is driving a Reliant Robin!

  • Code _V_83 3 hours ago

    Where is the Steering Wheel?

  • Rex Transformation 3 hours ago

    Lada, off road version?

  • Walter Andrade Silva 3 hours ago

    Watched a video long time ago, gritty, dark, unknown people following you, looks like my kind of game. Hope there is some kind of story/characters

  • Человеку Банально 3 hours ago

    Only for VR.

  • SilaS39 3 hours ago

    Быстрый способ уйти от преследования 2 х машин

  • Mr Freeman 3 hours ago

    Cheeky bastard cut off the road and turned off his lights. Should have worked.

  • Orange 3 hours ago

    The real scary part of this game is that shitty car you are driving

  • marco antonio gutierez rosales 3 hours ago

    The concept is great… for a level within a game. But a whole game of this? Hmmm ok.

  • Jadin Andrews 3 hours ago

    Driving to McDonalds at 2am simulator