I review Driveclub VR for the PSVR.

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  • Level VII Gaming 1 month ago

    awesome vid bro sub

  • SuperBoris1976 1 month ago

    it's the worst looking vr gsme on psvr. It looks nothing like what you are seeing here. It is very blurry like I say one of the worst looking vr games if not the worst. I was shocked when I got it. dirt rally is a lot better doesn't look a lot better but it's clearer and it's a good gsme. multiplayer is ok if you can get a race. I've had from release and the most I've found on line is 2 or 3 people and that's not joking 2 to 3 people in the world. most times there is no one. The online hasn't took off cos no one is playing it

  • Mystic 1 month ago

    Good review! I think you convinced me to get it.