Thank you to Blasted Shreds™ for sponsoring this video! To learn more about this new shredded wheat cereal coated with amazing Peanut Butter Chocolate …

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  • pepsiguy52883 2 months ago


  • TheAzurlos 2 months ago

    The Lego one was acrually kinda good.

  • Fluffy Dango 2 months ago

    GG on getting Jeff on here.

  • TrickyTidy 2 months ago

    The best Jurassic Park game was Dino Crisis.

  • ♫ SlamminUK ♫ 2 months ago

    Lego one was awesome!

  • Csallóközi Bandi 2 months ago

    dino d-day

  • Squinky 2 months ago

    "a movie about blowing up raptors with rocket launchers might not be so bad." we coulda had this if the movie was only a little bit truer to the book.


  • Torch Light 2 months ago

    wow Smosh does like peanut butter choclate blasted shreds😁😁

  • FunnYfucker Aintyou 2 months ago

    Say The once I thought I was a dinosaur then I took a arrow to the knee!!

  • Im Groot97 2 months ago

    The snes one is okay

  • TheOneOwner 2 months ago

    I havent played Jurrasic World Evolution but Jurrasic Park Operation Genesis is the best Jurrasic Park based game ever.

  • PauLo :3 2 months ago

    what about the only ggod one? ya know.. JPOG?

  • Man that one that you played as Dr Grant /a velociraptor for the Sega Megadrive was SO much fun!

  • Jenn McMillan 2 months ago

    Fallout New Vegas!

  • Rubber Bander and Proud 2 months ago

    Jeff Goldblum has been in more Advertising for the game than he is in the entirety of the new film.

  • Cody Weaver 2 months ago

    Goldblum is in this video more than he was in Jurrasic World…. fuck you Goldblum.

  • James Kobbins 2 months ago

    Can you do Ultimate Epic Battle Simulator? Who doesn't like to see stormtroopers vs zombies?

  • Lachlan Kerr 2 months ago

    Say :beep beep Iam a sheep

  • noobybooby 2 months ago

    There was a jurassic park teltalle game?????