The spiritual successor to Test Drive Unlimited that proves bigger doesn’t always mean better.

views on youtube: 910011
video rating: 4.40
duration : 4:48
likes: 5913
dislikes: 803

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  • Māris Linde 1 month ago

    2018 and this game looks wayyyyyyyyyyyyy beter now

  • Ryan Malik 1 month ago

    What do you like from the crew?

    Me : the cg trailer!

  • No crashing no damage effects.

  • Ray Mondo 1 month ago

    He said this game is online only. So does that mean if I dont have Xbox Live I cant play it?

  • Kai Champley 1 month ago

    Its my favorite game by far

  • el gabox pro NIGGA 1 month ago

    The crew is less realistic than forza horizon 3?

  • FabLoveGA 1 month ago

    I got a Battlefield V ad.

  • Tej T20 1 month ago

    Now (after 3 years) this game definitely deserves a verdict of minimum 7.9
    Amazing updates to keep you coming back

  • Huskie 1 month ago

    Love this game.

  • Carlos Sorto 1 month ago

    6.0 are you kidding me ign

  • scouppi gayng 1 month ago

    The Crew is best racing game.

  • Vincent DeLuca 1 month ago

    Once I finished the crew and I couldnt get some of the cars I wanted, I redid old story missions to get some more money.

  • SharkOp Gaming 1 month ago

    How does GTA 5 have better graphics than this, and is 2 years older?

  • NYCJoeBlack 1 month ago


  • RealityBoy101 1 month ago

    Don't you mean…

    …the CREVIEW ?!

  • TheQualityGamerHD 1 month ago

    Should I buy The Crew?

  • BlueRobin 1 month ago

    was not expecting that rating. this game was one of the best racing games

  • Stryker A. Wolfe 1 month ago

    The subpar visuals must only be on the console version. Meanwhile I'm playing this game @2k ultra settings on PC and it looks amazing.

  • Abdul Hannan Not that good 1 month ago

    You are generous.I would have given this a 5.5

  • Abdul Hannan Not that good 1 month ago

    For an eight generation game this games graphics are bad

  • This game seriously looked bad even for its time.

  • Kim Matthews 1 month ago

    it is the best game

  • Avazive 1 month ago

    We should do a The Crew : Updated review as the game looks and works amazing now!

  • Hoff _ 1 month ago

    I like the handling! cars in this game have the handling of fuckin boats