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  • Fuzzy Dunlop 1 month ago

    Goddamn, Eastern Europe has been pumping out such great games over the years. Increasingly so.

  • ZerOne Games 1 month ago

    Investigator: Oh lookey! Big spider is coming after m…uoof.

    I don't hate spiders but I will still run if one that size comes after my ass, so how the hell did that person get to be an investigator with that mentality.

  • ANIMEGURL 1 month ago

    Good game gab ilysm and the graphics are very good

  • Emile Verwaaijen 1 month ago

    I love how you can hear the kitty purrrrrrrrr

  • Bruce Taylor 1 month ago

    Japanese sounds so beautiful ^.^ Tried to learn myself but failed miserably >.<

  • ajaz03 1 month ago

    Язык Пушкина и Достоевского) Чем то на сталкер и похоже .

  • Daniel Lee 1 month ago

    I bought this game for .50 cents on steam sale, the voice acting is really great

  • Korey Bradley 1 month ago


  • Robert_Chase 1 month ago

    Nice Let's play

  • hammry 1 month ago

    beautifull game

  • Play Engine 1 month ago

    I went full screen, pulled a muscle in my neck @ Spider

  • Blair Kelly 1 month ago

    Aww, I love spiders!

  • Howling Hunters 1 month ago

    This game is gorgeous, and I absolutely love the voice acting. I might buy this real soon, seems like it'll be worth the money.

  • fatoomy اللوتس الشرق 1 month ago

    the soundtrack in the beginning awesome ❤ can I find it!

  • Eduardo Gabriel 1 month ago

    you're so nice 💕💕💕
    your Resident Evil 7 video was very cool.
    i barely know you, but i Already love ur.
    keep going with The great videos 😉

  • Max Wilson 1 month ago

    For an indie game, the graphic is a solid AAA quality.

  • Donald Anderson 1 month ago

    Gab is a sucker for russian games.

  • Charlie Chaps 1 month ago

    The intro made me watched this continuously.
    The kind of atmosphere I really like in games.
    Just like you said, it's like Metro. Dark rainy times.

  • Blue Sun 1 month ago


  • Richard Simon 1 month ago

    13:52 Is it coincidental or are you just that "lucky" picking out games which happen to have spiders in most of them, Gabby? XD

  • Richard Simon 1 month ago

    Shykes! Nice graphic!

  • Richard Simon 1 month ago

    Next.. is this. 🙂

  • Mr Jammers 1 month ago

    I keep hearing your kitty and look around for mine and she's just cleaning, then i realise. It's not my cat (facepalm)

  • Bryan Ha 1 month ago

    Hello, I love your videos and your lp on horror games. I was wondering if you are planning to play horror RPGs games like Corpse Party.

  • ctarsun dysart 1 month ago

    Gab: if there's a spider in this corridor,
    I'm gonna flip my shit.


  • Rogue Summers 1 month ago

    8:04 'aww, dude! your tongue! woo~ it's pretty.' – GirlGamerGaB 2016 XD

  • TheOttomatic91 1 month ago

    This the backround and setting for this game look beautiful but man does this gameplay look boring also lol at the awful giant spider models completely ruined my immersion in the game.

  • Animal4lifezEX 1 month ago

    Damn it, why did it have to be spiders? curls up and rocks back and forth in the corner

  • Rodimus Prime 1 month ago

    game looks good

  • MrNct98 1 month ago

    So scaryyyyyy, love this game already !!!!
    By the way, will you play Metro Last Light some day ? Your let's play on 2033 was so fun and i really love the world of Metro 😀

  • Monica Navarrete 1 month ago

    Russian/Ukranian language is indeed interesting :). I kinda started learning the language like 3 years ago, but decided to stop because I got interested in the Italian language at that time xD. I'm Mexican, so my mother tongue is Spanish, I like talking in English and watching videos and tv shows in English and I'm currently studying Japanese; as you can tell, I LOVE languages too! It makes me excited listening to foreign languages, there's so much beauty in them! 💜💜💜

  • 余伟杰 1 month ago

    Ha ha, you are scared,Cause you afraid of spiders. Do you like to see the 'spider-man'. XD.The third was spiders scared. If is to use VR glasses. I think you've scared dizzy. The game really well.

  • 長谷川緑 1 month ago


  • Saul Glimmerman 1 month ago

    Damn it GaB your cat made me jump. 🙂

  • jaraweiat 1 month ago

    This game is just crying out for VR 😀

  • Alan Ariff 1 month ago