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  • RuddsReels 2 months ago

    Looks good, but tried to play Prey a year ago when I bought it and it made me feel motion sick with a headache! I had the same problem a year earlier with the game The Witness. I have been playing games for nearly 30 years and these are the only times I have suffered this from playing games! Strange!

    Does anybody have any advice please?

  • SamVazza 2 months ago

    Pley prey

  • Corruption you fucking retard. Jesus Mack. Are Brits that retarded that they don't know how to read their own language?

  • vin 950 2 months ago

    its 19.99 now… I would get it at 13 dollars, but for 20, no.

  • gOdl1KE1337 2 months ago

    The 'Bit repetitive' part is exactly what my only issue was with the first Prey. But the first Prey really surprised me positively. Possibly the only 2017 game I actually had fun with. Definetely will be buying this later in the summer.

  • free8704 2 months ago

    I just got done with prey, and absolutely loved it. I was super stoked when I heard about the expansion last week. But while mooncrash sounded good initially and Im sure the gameplay is fun, I really dont like what I am hearing about the constant high speed gameplay demanded by mooncrash. Sure high octane moments are fun, but its nice to be able to take your time as well and really soak it all in. Wont be buying for now, maybe I will feel different in x months from now.

  • Chapterhouse86 2 months ago

    Prey is on sale now guys! $14.99 for the base game! It doesnt look like the Mooncrash DLC is on sale as well, but you can buy both for $40, or just Mooncrash for $20. Prey is a hell of a game, especially for $15. Take advantage of the Summer Sale boys and girls, it will be a long while until the winter sale! Love you Mack.

  • bollemuslol 2 months ago

    worth a buy is a fag

    escape from tarkov is not pay to win

  • Jonny Rouse 2 months ago

    Mackery please can you do a steam summer sales video? Thanks 🙂

  • Jakob Dueck 2 months ago

    hey mack, you need a new intro/outro jingle, desperateley.

  • fabfab Peon 2 months ago

    just because you bought it for 12 $ doesn't mean it's a rip off. No idea why it's a bad thing.

  • AllenGamer 2 months ago

    Hey guys at 4:51 Mack shows on the screen something that's very, very innovative about the game's UI, it's a weapon wheel, except it's able to store a huge amount of different options due to the fact that it is a spiral instead of one circle, so the icons don't get tiny and clumsy to select, no matter how many there are. I think whoever designed the weapon selection had a stroke of genius. Never seen anything like that in another game.

  • Korbes Korner 2 months ago


  • Sitting duck 2 months ago

    Prey is a dying simulator gameplay isn't fluid just die all the time whats the fun in that .?

  • Nick Bono 2 months ago

    Thanks for reviewing this! Not many out there!

  • Jabikz 2 months ago

    colour of madness review?

  • metal melodies 2 months ago

    Mac attack with another review, thanks for saving me money, once again! Greetings from the US!

  • Arnav Behari 2 months ago

    Fix mackscorner mack

  • Lawrence Stanley 2 months ago

    Holy balls, are you playing with a controller????

  • Igor Sandu 2 months ago

    Now compare THIS DLC and the other one for Far Cry 5.

  • cyuiyu wyguiyui 2 months ago

    Ple Pre..

  • Igor Sandu 2 months ago

    Yo dawg, I heard you like game, so I put an game in your game so you can game while you game!

  • Eternal 2 months ago

    Didn't they said that the dlc will be free?

  • Dimitris Karagounis 2 months ago

    Arkane (developer of dishonored 2(goty 2016) and prey(goty 2017)) is killing it

  • The Lavian 2 months ago

    Went to your other channel MacksCorner, subbed, saw all the videos were locked, unsubbed – wtf?

  • The Satanic Gamer From Hell 2 months ago

    Costs more for prey owners. In what world is that a wise business decision ? Let's talk about that

  • Directorix 2 months ago

    #NeonChrome anyone?

  • Umanfly 2 months ago

    Say Mack . Do a review of your favorite games that you play in your idle time . I have Bethesda games , and 2k games …. Bioshock as mine ?

  • Caius Iulius Caesar 2 months ago

    Looks good if it weren't for the freaking timer things.

  • Mihir Patel 2 months ago

    "….if you are a loyal customer and bought Prey on first day you pay more for the dlc. Thanks Bethesda." ~Mack


  • Jim26D 2 months ago

    shows up at $20 when I look it up.

  • Jason Caputo 2 months ago

    Would you say this is more combat focused than the main game? Or is it a similar balance of exploration and combat? Thanks to you Mack, I did not miss out on the amazing main game Prey: so atmospheric with satisfying, rewarding exploration, top notch level design and fun combat mechanics (love the glue gun).

  • Muffins McGeez 2 months ago

    Wth, you could easily fit 5 people in that shuttle.

  • Gamer Max 2 months ago

    I never finished the first prey game. It was pretty classic fps game, not a lot of opinions for anything beyond sneak and survive, that and the story didn't thrill me.

  • Rob Olivieri 2 months ago

    Can you do a retro wab on Oblivion ?

  • Finally a good DLC

  • SanDan3rdDan 2 months ago

    Prey… Adventure Room.

  • Snooze00 2 months ago

    Prey potentially could have been one of the greatest games ive ever played if they could just redo the combat system entirely The story, and the atmosphere and the design and the overall ideas was brilliant but shooting those creatures was a awfull awfull mess and a real chore

  • LordKellthe1st 2 months ago

    Mr rabbit in concert! sort of 😉

  • jamiestokes1986 2 months ago

    Mack please do a wab for Raging Justice!

  • jack jones 2 months ago

    They charge loyal customers more because loyal customers will pay more.

  • thanks Mack for the video, it made my shitty day a bit better