An exceptionally well-made indie horror game filled with suspense, atmosphere, and one of the biggest scares I have ever encountered! Subscribe Today …

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  • Sarah55Gamer 10 hours ago

    it is zombie

  • nonya bidness 10 hours ago

    Holy fuck!!! I had a nightmare this voice whispered to me what I had to do I should make it a horror game

  • Mary LAKING 10 hours ago

    Yes, I really loved the bathroom jump scare – I nearly threw my iPad across the room. 😫😩

  • Gunay Eminov 10 hours ago

    The old videos of every known youtuber where the best

  • Caylen Chapman 10 hours ago

    Anyone else watching this in 2018? I’m doi a scary games marathon lol

  • Klay 10 10 hours ago

    Mark: What's that sound!?

    Thunder booms

    Mark: ya guys hear that?

  • Heather Durbin 10 hours ago

    I dont normally jump watching you play horror games but holy shit I jumped when whatever the hell that was came out of the stall in the bathroom.

  • Joslyn Bumstead 10 hours ago

    This gave me strong Outlast 2 vibes

  • Andrea Burnett the ninetails human 10 hours ago

    Magnificent video Markiplier.

  • Teh_Chezburga YouTuber 10 hours ago

    Mark: Pardon? I walked in the school and fell on my side

    Me: I thought you were Markiplier and you were "thmart"

  • ThatNovo Guy 10 hours ago

    hmm one of the best jumpscares we’ve shared in quite a while lmao. i expected it and it still got me. i think maybe your screams add to me getting scared haha

  • MynicknameisViolet 10 hours ago

    I love going back and watching your old videos.

  • Der Wolf 10 hours ago

    Hey Mark play Hehu and the Taniwah. It's a game for VR it's on steam and it scared the crap out of me. Like really badly. It apparently has multiple endings but I'm not gonna be doing it again any time soon. You just gotta watch your choices.

  • Piper Currie 10 hours ago

    My Brother came in the room,When you screamed and said " What the fuck are you watching?" I said "YOUR FACE" And he yelled so you screamed again and i said " IM SORRYYYY ITS MARKIPLIER!" SO he said 'OHHH LETS WATCH and that was end of the conversation ???

  • blooperss 10 hours ago

    Mark: In what strange world is that a “sack barrow”?
    Me: In the strange world where a “sack barrow” is a thing.

  • TheDiamond Expert 10 hours ago

    dont you know that girls bathroom is scary while opening doors

  • Sean Last 10 hours ago

    Mark didn't you learn from SCP containment breach now the toilet monsters eaten your butt.

  • Emo trinity is bae 10 hours ago

    I played this and it was absolute garbage, the controls were absolutely bizarre, they made one format for the game and I didn't even fit the screen, and the mechanics were just awful

  • MazieIsAwsome :3 Hi 10 hours ago

    I had jumped and let out a small puppy looked at me like " What the the he'll are you squeelin bout?" BTW… I need to die! I fell asleep while watching this cause it's kinda late at night. I was the end of the video when I woke up. Like the video ended as soon as I opened my eyes. I HAVE SHAME FOR THAT…IM IN THE CORNER OF SHAME!!😓

  • Ashley Dupéré 10 hours ago

    hi! welcome to chillies

  • marsbar candysprinkles 10 hours ago

    what up? its 2017 dec almost 2018