Benny and Lydia look back over 2017 and pick their top Xbox One games of the year. What have been your best Xbox One games of 2017? Let us know in the …

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  • Kurd Zanyari 52 mins ago

    Yor hav xbox one

  • List became void after Destiny 2 made it on.

  • akshay baburaj 52 mins ago


  • Mario Cajas 52 mins ago

    Girl’s voice SO ANNOYING!!!!

  • the sxhool boi 52 mins ago

    Im sorry but i would play fortnite insted of The other thing sorry no hate

  • Ronald Stonecipher 52 mins ago

    Fifer 18 huh?

  • Samuel Leslie 52 mins ago

    2:00 what is your AIM!!!?????

  • Fisette Benoit 52 mins ago

    Battlefront 2??

  • Amber Hiller 52 mins ago


  • ArmYGamEr542 52 mins ago

    Where is dbx2 at

  • Hammad Imran 52 mins ago

    GTA v is best game for playing

  • FoxyTheGamer 35 52 mins ago

    11:11 Already have

  • Musclerocker 52 mins ago

    I’m getting a xbox one….. I want ww2 zombies and forza….. I still have ps3

  • Thahir sadik D.H 52 mins ago

    Just to be clear is this xbox one or xbox x /s ..?

  • Navid Azimi 52 mins ago

    Call of duty WW2 is boring isn’t it?

  • allister W 52 mins ago

    Regret that i bought an xbox one..should hav get ps4. Xbox1 very limited games

  • ChrisGTXvideos 52 mins ago

    Your channel is awesome , Your videos are funny and informative I Actually can’t wait for my XboxOneX, I suppose to get it on my birthday , can’t wait so I could upload 4K videos

  • John D 52 mins ago

    Forza 7 rules😎😎😎😎😎😎😎😎

  • Pork Ball 52 mins ago

    Destiny 2 gives you less actually lol

  • Ben The Gamer 21 52 mins ago


  • Hema Saldanha 52 mins ago

    Just buy a PS4 and enjoy life

  • Sailtier soup. 52 mins ago

    Everyone kept saying 2017 was a great year for gaming. I really didn't see that as the case.
    Over the last couple years quality picking has become very slim, and the games are sort of tedious and un-original.
    It's sort of a problem if gaming is your primary hobby.

    If you're not into battle royale or pvp shooters the last couple years likely took the starch out of your pants

  • Karan Bir Singh Sandhu 52 mins ago

    anyone have games please share me i have buy Xbox one s but don't have games please share redeem code of any games .

  • Val Perry 52 mins ago

    If Destiny 2 is in your top game's list, then your review doesn't worth a dime.

  • angela clarke 52 mins ago

    lol haha fortnite ain't on the list sorry kiddies

  • Deathbob 9000 52 mins ago

    FIFA 18 isnt that good why dont they put those awesome graphics to a freakin shooting game

  • Diamond Heart 52 mins ago

    Best driving game ?? Suggestions

  • A slightly disappointing salad 52 mins ago

    Number 9 and 5 I'm sorry but what??????

  • Bigsteelguy4 52 mins ago

    My games of 2017: 1. Assassins Creed Origins
    2. Agents of Mayham
    3. South Park 2

    My games of 2018: So far
    1. Far Cry 5
    2. Super Lucky's Tale
    3. Recore (Yeah I know it's old but i'm playing it a lot)
    4. Burnout Paradise remastered
    5. Lego Marvel SH2

  • Really, that sonic game was one of the best games of the year?!