The demo/preview build of a haunted house horror point-and-click adventure game. ▻Please consider sharing/rating this video to help the channel grow.

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  • Alexander Willow 1 month ago

    12:38 "Alright. What about if I glue my hand & put my hand on the door & pull." Haha Love your comments.

  • Ian Hall 1 month ago

    you got Bill Cosby'd

  • Elaina mih 1 month ago

    As a serve migraine sufferer (They can present as seizures) I really really appreciate the warning at the beginning! Wish more YouTube people were as considerate as You!

  • BlackGajka 1 month ago

    This is such a cool game!

  • Luis Gustavo D'Alessandro Costa 1 month ago

    Hello Chris, your videos are amazing. Your comments are very funny!!!

  • BASSOSOVIETICO1987 1 month ago

    I adore this floppy disk as a save icon. Preatty neat game, like in old Atari times.

  • bbsonjohn 1 month ago

    I really like the art style, tho. Just simple enough to emphasize what's important and just detailed enough to be aesthetic.

  • Ethneria 1 month ago

    In a strange way, this game reminds me of Beneath a Steel Sky. It also has a strong nostalgic feel because it reminds me of old, old school point & click adventure games. Please play this when the full version is released!

  • 红西瓜瓜Melon 1 month ago

    This reminds me of The Last Half of Darkness

  • Laura Waterfield 1 month ago

    Reminds me of the old 80s games. Cool. Thanks Cju. Cheers

  • GoodPrince 1 month ago

    17:16 "Maybe i can glue a handle on" lol i hope you say that for fun right ??I mean really what would change ,think for real 😂😂…Awsomee gameplayy .Love these kind of games

  • Liskenstein 1 month ago

    Haha that music was in another horror game

  • Death SpecteR 1 month ago

    hahahah rohypnol lol

  • Donna East 1 month ago

    Loved it 😊 can't wait for full game 👌

  • haneen t 1 month ago

    I love it 👌👌👌

  • OutlawRebel117 1 month ago

    The art style feels like a pixelated version of Fran Bow.

    Very cool game and just to confirm, you died 6 times. Seven counting that one at the end of the demo. I can't wait to see how many times you die in the full version of the game.

  • IronSalamander8 1 month ago

    Looks very cool. Hope to see a full playthrough when it's released.

  • Daniel Smith 1 month ago

    Loved it! No one plays these kind of games like you. So entertaining. Full game will be fun for sure.

  • Sparksterchan 1 month ago

    This was a good one! Would definitely love to see a full playthrough once the game is released.

  • zeratulcraft 1 month ago

    Man that game was great. Reminded me of the sci-fi one you did a while ago with all the monsters there too.

  • Gerda Parker 1 month ago

    Nice game, glad you played this I was having point and click game withdrawals.

  • Justin Ku 1 month ago

    All Hail CJU sama~

  • WatersDancing 1 month ago

    Looking forward to the full version. I really enjoyed the non-linear use of items. Definitely adds to the mystery/puzzle elements. Im also totally into the funky freehand art style.

  • TheCanadiangirl4 1 month ago

    Can't say I was expecting this game but it was a nice change from Prey and Observer even though I enjoy those games too. I hope you continue to do more voice acting of the characters in the game, it was quite funny listening to your Aunty voice.

  • Sam Klappstein 1 month ago

    Roofied by your aunt…damn son

  • CJUGames 1 month ago

    As it turns out, a lot of this IS drawn freehand.