Like Spider-Man? Like Metroidvania games? Most people don’t realize he starred in two of them — and they were GOOD! Check out both of them in this video …

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  • Akmal Danial 1 month ago

    For Spider-Man Web of Shadows, the final boss is the Symbiote Leader, not Venom.

  • CropDudia 1 month ago

    Now I want to fix my 3DS again just to play these!

  • Kid 295 1 month ago

    The DS version of Web of Shadows is way better than the PSP/PS2 version.

  • Web of shadows DS is one of my all time favorite games!!!

  • Divine and Bovine 1 month ago

    I had the ds shattered dimensions

  • Walter Alvarez 1 month ago

    Too bad the next game on the Ds (Edge of time) didn't have this luck

  • Caleb Simmons 1 month ago

    I loved the DS shattered dimensions i would play that for hours and lose myself in the game

  • HeroofTime69 1 month ago

    This video literally made me want to play my ds copy of shattered dimensions

  • Edgar Salazar 1 month ago

    I hand no Nintendo ds that sucks for me

  • Dom DeLuise 1 month ago

    Griptonites legacy didn't start here, they have a string of brilliant/exceptional titles on GBA. I can't speak for Shattered Dimensions but all the other versions of WoS are terrible to mediocre, this one stood out. I don't think they were credited on the wikipedia page for WoS but I knew it couldn't be the same developers who handled the mainline ports, a little more googling and low and behold Griptonite showed up. Wasn't surprised at all to see their name on it, awesome developer.

  • Spider Pool 1 month ago

    I had the shattered dimensions as a kid now I still have it

  • Piano Keys 1 month ago

    Thank you for appreciating one of the most underrated games in gaming history. I like the ds version of web of shadows way better than any cod game

  • carson vlymen 1 month ago

    You forgot The Amazing Spider-Man 1 and Edge of Time!

  • engineman34 1 month ago

    someone explain what he did like his part of development

  • Mr.Sandman 9 1 month ago

    You didn't review friend or foe

  • Nguyen Trung Hoai 1 month ago

    Web of Shadow definitely on top of DS action games. I played the shit out of it when I was a middle schooler lol. Glad to see a Youtuber talk about it :)))

  • Navi, The Real Fairies Queen Former YANG. 1 month ago

    Metroidvania is stupid way to name it.

  • julianx2rl 1 month ago

    I beat Web of Shadows without picking a single upgrade…

    Yes, that playthrough was the best 4 hours session I spent on the DS.

  • KillerTacos - TheEvolutionryGamer 1 month ago

    I actually have Spider-Man Shattered Dimensions on my DS(i), I really freaking love it actually

  • MetaL BraiN m/Extreme Metal Enthusiast m/ 1 month ago

    I accidentally bought edge of time instead of shattered dimension. Shit.

  • Froban 1 month ago

    Damn, never knew any of that. Looks like I have some games to play. Great video.

  • Both games were my childhood

  • Geo Nick 1 month ago

    Can you do gameplay about spiderman web of shadows for nds ?