The top 5 Racing Games on the Original XBOX 5 – Street Racing Syndicate 4 – RalliSport Challenge 3 – Burnout 3 2 – Project Gotham Racing 1 – Forza …

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  • Jack Christian 1 month ago

    YESSSSSSS BURNOUT that was my most favorite game every back then

  • DJ RKCR YT 1 month ago

    Y no need for speed underground 2

  • The Fortnite Cameron 1 month ago

    AHEM! I believe you missed NFS Most Wanted

  • Sparty Person 1 month ago

    Sega GT 2002?

  • retrostansolo 1 month ago

    1 PGR2
    2 Forza
    3 RSC 2
    4 NFS Underground 2
    5 Outrun 2 coast to coast
    My top 5, your list was good.

  • Nicola D'Angelo 1 month ago

    Are you serious? PGR 2 IS BEST GAME EVER

  • Fabulous Choo Choo Train FCCT 1 month ago

    The Forza motorsport is my favorite game ever! 😀

  • AceRay 24 1 month ago

    no outrun 2?

  • Midtown Madness 3 is the best game for Xbox

  • SzuperHarcos - HRT Racing 1 month ago

    Toca Race Driver 3?

  • Dal Buffo Buio 1 month ago

    Still trying to understand what pushes people who doesn't even know what aspect ratio is to do retrogaming reviews on youtube. I hope someone will solve this mistery.

  • Adhyantoro Kusumo 1 month ago

    You forgot "Juice" tho

  • Tony Pacheco 1 month ago

    Burnout 3 was my shit man

  • Carson B Wagner 1 month ago

    Kudos for making these all look like the exact same game, on different levels.

  • highku 1 month ago

    there's this on racing I can't remember on the xbox

  • Tony Knight 1 month ago

    Why no bornout revenge?

  • ThatGaming Sense 1 month ago

    rally sport challenge is the best

  • HazzaK 1 month ago

    this is such a sick list… and im super pleased to see rallisport and pgr on this list… i still play those two games whenever i get the chance… but i feel like rallisport challenge 2 is better than rallisport challenge 1… but collin McRae rally 04 is better than both & im disappointed to not see it on this list… but what really hit me was to not see nfs most wanted on this list… how could you not include the best nfs game ever made…. other than that great list man

  • Caleb Prewitt 1 month ago

    foza mototsports cheat save you id name as tEAm4za and istantly get 999,999,999cr

  • Ben Parrino 1 month ago

    Project Gotham Racing 2 was the best.

  • Mr. IDGAF 1 month ago

    Yeah just don't add Midnight Club 3: DUB Edition aka the biggest racing game on XBOX Original _.

  • Richard Brown 1 month ago

    I have a Xbox original

  • Tobias Dellemyr 1 month ago

    Need for speed most wanted?

  • BLUE SUN JRPG's 1 month ago

    So close to 1,000 views!…. crazyness

  • paul radulescu 1 month ago

    best games for original xbox? ?