Get a brand new, exclusive look at the PT-influenced first-person psychological horror game that’s been taking the Internet by storm. Visage – Official Alpha …

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  • Thomas Sica 1 month ago

    release date?

  • can anyone tell me the name of the game similar to Visage where you are trapped in a house during heavy raining and as you go inside there is a lady runs after you. Also in that game you can go outside. nvm that's Allison Road did some research

  • Derek Stewart 1 month ago

    This game is going to be a horrific slow burn of putting nerves to the test

  • Derek Stewart 1 month ago

    This game is going to be a horrific slow burn of putting nerves to the test

  • SebasTian Stn 1 month ago

    Have you guys ever wonder how dim the whole house is?
    Who would decor a house like that nowadays? So many useless lamp decoration collecting dust. Why don't replace them with nice big bright lamp in the ceiling?
    Interior design at its finest 🙄.

    But as a horror game, totally lit.😂

  • LONELY SPECK 1 month ago

    Which Gaming engine they used to create this Horror game?

  • Harmony 1 month ago

    Looks like pt silent hills and resident evil mixed lol

  • james tomblingson 1 month ago

    Ps4 ?

  • Birdy B. 1 month ago

    Is it wrong that I’m more concerned with how beautiful the house is? Lol

  • Frankie Cuellar 1 month ago

    Watch what happen to me at my house

  • Pablo Rdz 1 month ago

    Layers of Fear pt. 2

  • HOS HEARTOFSTEEL 1 month ago

    So when will this game release? When the dinosaurs walk this earth again😂

  • LtChicken 1 month ago

    Uninspired P.T./layers of fear ripoff

  • Random Stranger 1 month ago

    Ive been looking for jumpscares time stamp in the comments. There's none?

  • Неуместная Мышь 1 month ago

    What's the point of the pills? I didn't notice a difference

  • Jerry K 1 month ago

    Why a normal person entered that creepy basement with strange intestine rope?

  • Jose Romero 1 month ago

    So it didnt get canceled. Noiceee

  • WEPON SPECTR 1 month ago

    The guy playing is so busy trying to hype up the jump scare that it was boring. "Oh no! Its a spooky reflection!" Lame

  • Christian Kerr 1 month ago

    This would give me a full blown heart attack on VR


    So this house is haunted by the spirit of a mirror?

  • ISAAC Lalnunzira 1 month ago

    Ok car keys …just get outta there! what else you wana do??!!! get the mofo car and run

  • greg finn 1 month ago

    Shenmue 3!!!

  • Shabani Weird 1 month ago

    Jeeeeesaaaaaaaassss 💁🏻‍♀️ thissss game issss amazing!

  • Anime Vinex 1 month ago

    P.T but not Kojima.

  • Jason MacDonald 1 month ago

    Is this the replacement for Allison Road?

    Looks good!

  • sanduel 1 month ago


  • thesecret 1 month ago

    Horror gameplays are much better without commentary.

  • MinatoOnimaru 1 month ago

    I thought it was cancelled until today… lmao im glad it is still n the works

  • Сука блять 1 month ago

    This game might cure my soul from silent hills cancellation.

  • diosa madoka 1 month ago

    silent hill pt

  • Poy Jey 1 month ago

    wtf who would go upstairs when it's so dark

  • For PS4?

  • Captain Autismo 1 month ago

    They nailed the eerie silence.

  • Hellee Chowdhuri 1 month ago

    Is it demo

  • Ravê _Oliveira 1 month ago

    Well…. I won’t sleep tonight

  • ReaLevelNetwork 1 month ago

    Anybody know what’s going on with Allison Road? Is it still in production?

  • The zippos flame is very unrealistic. Mine starts small then climbs up to nearly six inches. 0/10 bad zippo physics.

  • You think they'll ever make a game that's too scary and people who play it have heart attacks?

  • Spenser Davis 1 month ago

    I'm spending so much time in the Comments right now. I was going to say "None of this is real!" to myself in a mirror, but now I'm afraid of mirrors.

  • kiryou- san26 1 month ago

    Ooooooo schhittttttttttt 😨

  • MAViiiN 1 month ago

    Dear Sad Square Studio,

    This game is quickly becoming a visual masterpiece of horrifying mindfulness. The fact that you can open every drawer, look at every picture and pick up any object is amazing. It seems like the game already has a mythology to it as well. Who on your team comes up with the incredible details: the mirrors being a major plot motif, portals to past time period layouts of the same spaces, removing sheets covering absolutely nothing, an umbilical cord ladder, finding a light switch becoming a feat of terror. This game seems like much more than a jump scare walking simulator and it’s not even done. I just watched an in depth work of cerebral horror conveying the trauma of untold generations of the inhabitants of your virtual space. I hope the stress pills become a game mechanic that make hauntings go away so more frightened players can progress through the game to enjoy the story while adjusting the volume of terror accordingly. Then the replay value goes up because you won’t know if you missed certain details by taking stress pills. Amazing work. Amazing!

  • Ricky Ray 1 month ago

    So I've looked this game up everywhere and nothing is said about it being cancelled.. Whats with the comments?

  • Omarock 1 month ago

    These type of games are so haunted and jinxed that even development never finishes…