Warhammer 40K: Inquisitor – Martyr reviewed by TJ Hafer on PC. Warhammer Vermintide 2 Review: Total War: …

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  • Marcos Nicolas Amoroso 1 month ago


  • KaiserFaust 1 month ago

    It’s a little funny that when Diablo 3 first came out it had a lot of the same problems Inquisitor reportedly has (poor itemization, bugs, server issues) but IGN gave it a 9.5. Funny how forgiving they are when it’s the almighty Blizzard.

  • Inti Cheveyo 1 month ago

    6.0.. .. No hammers

  • Wardemonxi 1 month ago

    Reviewer said you can't build up synergies but I notice a character level is never shown above level 17 in the video which means he wouldn't come anywhere near having unlocked enough to explore the synergies……
    I'm sure the game has plenty of flaws but I don't trust that this review can accurately call them while not being deep enough to see them or understand the systems he is talking about.

  • Berserkerkitten 1 month ago

    So much whining about the rieview score for this dull, mediocre game, yet only 60% positive reviews on Steam…

  • Jonathon gussner Gussner 1 month ago

    How about some ethics in gaming journalism?

  • SOTOS S 1 month ago

    Awful game clunky and buggy i like the Warhammer universe bit this game is meh. Score 6 out 10 is generous for this pile of trash

  • kiba whitewolf 1 month ago

    Dude I love diablo 3 but the combat seems just as super repetitive of the holding the attack botton and spamming the same couple skills till the enemy dies seems the same to me xD I'll still enjoy it

  • Ludovico Street 1 month ago

    laze gun?

  • I feel like these games always miss the mark on release and are perfected later through patching.

  • Aura Wolf 1 month ago

    Assassins can dodge, and a lot of their melee weapons have some cool movement abilities (like leap attack, dash attack, etc), making them quite fun and hard to kill if youre quick. The Psyker has cool spells and stuff. You played the most boring class of course lol. a lot of the stuff you said was true though like the restrictive power rating system and lack of variety in weapon abilities. Overall a pretty good game. You're fooling yourself if you think this game is meant to compete with Diablo. This is a much slower paced arpg. Some of the mechanics and classes just need some tweaking.

  • Trambolin111 1 month ago

    I rate this review 6/10

  • Hatchetforce 1 month ago

    IGN fails to mention the developers advertise this game as an Open World Sandbox (Open World and Sandbox are not the same thing) yet it is neither of these items. Such a feature bears directly on the value of the game and it would be better if IGN actually considered serving the game community by making them aware when developers and publishers practice such deceptive advertising.

  • Mike Maloney 1 month ago

    Thank you sir!
    You just saved me tons of cash

  • Epic Winnington 1 month ago

    Comments are full of salty neckbeards lol.

  • Arbor Mancer 1 month ago

    Very poor bias review.

  • Mick Mack 1 month ago

    Yes hello? Ordo Hereticus? I'd like to report some fuckery

  • Paw Zyl 1 month ago


  • Ton Jirasit 1 month ago

    Still this is codex approve.

  • lupahole 1 month ago

    IGN: Not enough speed 6/10

  • Ricky Johnson 1 month ago

    I love how he says The crusader is the most fun to play? LOL wow……Think I may unsub IGN….this is just getting I guess…..blah and not to mention most of the games they have reviewed as 6 and below has been kinda fun….I.E..Jurassic Park.

  • Peter Barker 1 month ago

    I feel like this will be a game worth getting 6 months from now, once they've patched the bullshit, and fixed the bugs. Assuming they don't just abandon the game.

  • Lord Nazara 1 month ago

    The warhammer universe is pretty amazing. I dont understand why everybody struggles so hard to make a great game set in it.

  • Anton Trichkov 1 month ago

    I thought game reviews were supposed to aim for objectivity, i guess veganism is the future… 🙁

  • Marin Dimovski 1 month ago

    The moment the reviewer has no idea what he is talking about. Crusader points a bullet hose.. What about the fcking melee sader, the deflect build anything??? Has the reviewer even played above 10h before making the video? Sneaky assassin? what about the Pogo assassin moving almost anything in its path. TJ do your job play the game then review, I can aggre on the monotomy of the maps but the characters you are wrong.

  • flipkenx 1 month ago

    If games arent tailored to peoples exact expectations then you get mixed steam reviews, do a little research before you buy anything, its common sense. If you are a warhammer 40k fan this is one of the best games out there, if you like ARPG's this is a solid one with some fresh ideas. And everyone that whines about this game just isnt smart for buying something that you could transparantly see where it was heading during the entire EA period and had oodles of youtube updates from alot of people 🙂 Also, weird review…

  • Saint Actual 1 month ago

    Why do they even bother trying to make 40k games. They never get it right!

  • Will L 1 month ago

    Loving the game so far. 47hours in. Due to the high price and the numerous bugs I'd label it as a 7/10 at best though. In current state.

  • antoine rossignol 1 month ago

    Just give us a Sc2 skin pack !!!!

  • Corie Howe 1 month ago

    HERESY!!! The inquisition has been made aware of your pathetic heresy. Stand by for the exterminatus of your sad little world.

  • soulsimplistic 1 month ago

    It's a good game for fans of 40k. I was never a 40k fan, but I like it a lot. Variety in mission-type and class types would be welcome. More class customization wouldn't hurt either but again….I still enjoy it.

  • Pandorath 1 month ago

    What an extremely inaccurate review.

  • HiredKiller 1 month ago

    Should be thirdperson over the shoulder! Loads of gore and action!

  • Mickey Mulligan 1 month ago

    I lost interest in this review when he said diablo 3 was a good game.

  • ziljin 1 month ago

    Put more money into Eternal Crusade! Forget these other games. If this was free to play MMO omg, would be amazing! Path of Exile killer!

  • TheDeadFrozen 1 month ago

    All I want is a AAA, badass 40K game. That’s it. Please just give it to me SOMEONE.

  • Colonel Burke 1 month ago

    Great game! Purge the filth!

  • Dave J 1 month ago

    It would be nice to know how many hours played before casting judgement.
    I don’t care about 40K. Just like top down arpg’s.

  • MercuneoVGC 1 month ago

    go here kill that comeback game ends