Bryan takes a look at the first large expansion to the popular horror-themed Living Card Game. Buy great games at Find more …

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  • Shortcut doesn't really let you "escape", just move without spending an action. 🙂

  • Hi im RoXaS 1 month ago

    Can I ask is this an expansion or a base ?

  • gotrek13 1 month ago

    Mr Bryan Drake is speaking so fast, a little to fast for me, so I switched YT subtitles on (I don't do that often). And I'm laughing out loud every time he says "Arkham Horror" or "Dunwich Legacy". The algorithm isn't perfect so subtitles are different every time he says that. My favourites are: "our Gomorrah" and "Dennis Legacy". Great review!

  • E Lowe 1 month ago

    When you play solo, do you play with 1 or 2 investigators?

  • Hi, thank's for the review, you should speak faster ;o)

  • Kyle Scott 1 month ago

    So I was looking into getting this game based on all the reviews and wanting to get at least 1 Lovecraft game, but I feel intimidated now. Where do I start? What do expansions bring to the table? What are mythos packs and scenario packs? How much is this game gonna end up costing? How much variation is there? Is it as flexible as MTG? Sorry for long comment, hope for a response!

  • hÆLëØS 1 month ago

    Good review but bad sound quality.

  • Alexandre Laguna 1 month ago

    Love to see your excitement about the game and every new bit and piece it gives us.

    I'm like that with the Elder Sign and for that reason it bothers me a little to see you mentioning every other FFG co-op game with Lovecraftian Mythos during your videos BUT Elder Sign. No love for the dice-chucking little brother in the family?! 😉

  • mikejonesnoreally 1 month ago

    Thanks Bryan I'm definitely picking this up.  Any missions I can do without spending xp for the dubious honor of getting my butt kicked I'm all into.  Nothing against Rogarou and Carnivalle though, they are brilliant and add a lot to the game.  I'm just not real….um….good at them.  I'm definitely putting that solution card into my Gaurdian deck, good thing I can have those cards, (so that's going to cost me what, 2 xp to have that entry in my journal?  Wow, they really know how to work that economy.  I had to look at the Elder Sign that I knew I needed for, like, ever before I finally slapped myself and said: "It's an Elder Sign Moron, you're getting it.")  what about classes that can't though?  I guess no solution for them.

  • Ken Scheuber 1 month ago

    You mentioned subscription for do you sign up for it? I couldn't find it on fantasy flights website.

  • Stéphane Sigouin 1 month ago

    You're intense man. I think I will be satisfied with what I already know.