Today, I show y’all how to play the new 3-6 player game from Oink Games (@oinkgms), Deep Sea Adventure! it was released at the Tokyo Games Market on …

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  • pokemonix 10 1 hour ago

    Awesome vid love your vids

  • danh le 1 hour ago

    so if i "die" and have 2 chips, it gets stacked at the end, but if the next player dies with one chip, does his stack after mine or does his one chip get stacked on my 2 chips?

  • kerry duvall 1 hour ago

    mine says it is for 2-6 players, is there a different version for 2 players?

  • jonanjello 1 hour ago

    Thanks for explaining, NeatoZen.

  • Thisisace 1 hour ago

    That was really clear and easy to understand. Thank you. 🙂

  • andy matthews 1 hour ago

    You indicated that you weren't supposed to turn the chips over, but then never showed what was on the other side. You also never showed what happens when you get back to the sub.

  • Dano McArdle 1 hour ago

    Can you only return a ruins chip to a space with a "blank" chip? When my friend taught it to me, he said you can always swap a ruins chip with another ruins chip. It's possible he misunderstood, though. I'm just curious which rule is correct.

  • mikael Le Bourhis 1 hour ago

    hi, when you carry treasures, you've to go back to the submarine to score points before the air is missing?

    if the air is empty, and you're still under water, you're dead and your treasure are lost at the deepest spot, but you play the next round?

    hopefuly, i'll have the game in few days, I think I'll enjoy it, english rules are in the box?

    thanks for the review