SHN Rating Paranormal is a UDK project Horror Game which is still in the making. so far they released 1 level. Trust me this level is terrifying.

views: 63870
video rating: 4.71
duration : 39:46
likes: 487
dislikes: 30

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  • Hollie Smith 1 month ago


  • Springtrap_66 PG 1 month ago

    Man, when ever you run, it takes you a while to realign your camera because it looks like you're always drunk! xD

  • Aulia Aryanti 1 month ago

    after this game are you have a nightmare?

  • Melissa Pratt 1 month ago

    Most boring horror game I've seen. I fell asleep.

  • Belle Angel 1 month ago

    Hey! Can u play the joy of creation (tjocr) and case anamotronics

  • The radio song and the main character reading the notes really came together well, idk if that was on purpose on not but I really liked it. It was like a mood setter

  • TheBlackSheep 1 month ago

    TAPE 2 TAPE 2 TAPE 2

  • TDG Fan 1 month ago

    Still no tape 2…

  • Brianna Hazen 1 month ago

    Thank you to whoever made this without stupid commentary. You the real MVP.

  • Soul Heharo 1 month ago

    been years but do you plan on playing the remade version when its done?

  • Celines Torres 1 month ago


  • NarcissusLovers 1 month ago

    i mean like scariness aside that studio is gorgeous

  • Nero BeatS 1 month ago

    Is this game out? Or is it still under progress

  • Adorkablybrieski 1 month ago

    Another thing, is it just me or does he sound a lot Nicolas Cage? O-o

  • Adorkablybrieski 1 month ago

    I thought the beginning was the players voice and I almost got mad like "I thought this was a no commentary" 😂😂

  • Hell yeah 1 month ago

    The shitty graphics just make this game hilarious, kind of disappointed actually, I really thought this would be scary


  • IamMunkk 1 month ago

    5 stars?!

  • Whofan06 1 month ago

    what's with the rip off of the Lions Gate cinematic

  • crystal coddington 1 month ago

    The sims 3 stove