Project CARS 2 tops the original game in every measurable way. Project Cars 2 Gameplay Showcase – IGN Live: E3 2017: …

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  • Akhyar Rayhka 1 month ago

    They need to fix the damn bug

  • Xbox Playz 1 month ago

    I just bought it

  • Suckaderphotdog 1 month ago

    Seeing Luke have an orgasm over the audio is hilarious

  • jingles 1 month ago

    one of the worst racing games i have ever played

  • Daniel Drago 1 month ago

    Only 180 cars?

  • No progression = No buy

  • Velkin.Enuda 1 month ago

    I liked this review. More down to earth and humorous, while still sticking to the point – the game. Great review.

  • Marcus Ayala 1 month ago

    So I’m wanting to get a racing game and trying to decide between project cars 2 and drive club….any recommendations between the two or any other games to consider? Thanks

  • Will Denniston 1 month ago

    Playing this on VR atm. Legit best racing experience to date. You can make a case for some other games having improved graphics but not by a large margin.

  • whats with all the aladdin references tho

  • Marzelle M 1 month ago

    Superb review!!! I like this game already yet u made me like it even more!! Thanx

  • CanadianPickle 1 month ago

    To people saying this game feels terrible to play : get a wheel. This game is made for wheel setups. Logi T g920s and thrustmasters work good if you want a solid and easy to find wheel.

    To people complaining about graphics: it is a sim and the graphics are not the main point of this game, unlike forza ms. This game is about realisim in its cars and racing, not the bushes beside the track. But a graphics update would be nice : ))

  • XXXmelXodyXXX 1 month ago

    well that accent needs closed captions
    didn't like the review either overhyped

  • Soshi Owl 1 month ago

    Driveclub is better..this is cheap

  • Muhe 95 1 month ago

    This game is terrible if you don't own a wheel. It is unplayable at times with a controller and the glitches make the game frustrating to say the least. I bought the game after this review and i'm so disappointed. Guys, if you don't own a Steering wheel don't buy the game!!( at least not digitally, like i did!) Rent the game and see for yourself. I've put around 16 hours into the game and i wish i had bought Gt Sport instead 🙁
    Even Go Karting is chore! It's not that it's hard, it's just that the controls are soooo baaaad.I've spent hours searching online on forums and youtube to try and tune the controls but to no avail, only to discover many other players have similar problems. So , buyer beware.

  • RamboSlice 1 month ago

    Cart racing with a wheel is mad fun

  • Andrew Hurst 1 month ago

    give this guy more money he is way better than the rest

  • Mr. Freedom 1 month ago

    This game is simply fantastic amazing!!!!

  • ikingbeasti 1 month ago

    Shout out too all of lukes family in the comments lol

  • duup duup 1 month ago

    this guy is the best ign reviewer

  • MANUday 9540 1 month ago

    Omg? The background song at the start is all hail shadow?!