We travel north, south, east and west in search of the magical artifacts that will reforge the Sword of Shannara! Shannara Release: 1995 Developer: Legend …

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  • Marian Apgar 2 months ago

    My comment isn't about Shannara, but it is about Legend Entertainment. GOG released Death Gate today!!! Hopefully this will be the first of many Legend Entertainment titles to show up on GOG, Shannara included. I am so happy. 🙂

  • Average Joe 2 months ago

    These adventure games videos should be in a “book”! You caught all the right points and outlined the games perfectly for someone who didn’t play them originally. They are so full of lore and incredible if you read the book and played them. I love the Shannara books and actually owned these games back when they were new.
    It seems to me the Dragonlance authors tried to launch another franchise in a adventure/mechanical setting I didnt care for and cant remember the name around this same time.

  • Dimelotu Creepy 2 months ago

    Just found out your channel and i love your reviews/revisiting and its format. They have some cringey moments but that's their charm, as if a closer firend is talking about a game from his childhood. It's rare to find review channels focusing on adventure games. I can't wait for your next video.

  • Matthew Yates 2 months ago

    I just stumbled on your channel. Your wit, candor, and enthusiasm for the adventure game genre is awesome. Please keep making videos because you’re destined to be one of the greats like Lazy Game Reviews, Pushing Up Roses, Accursed Farms, and Ancient DOS Games. I hope to see many more awesome reviews after I finish watching your current videos!

  • UziSuicide666 2 months ago

    Death Gate – my favorite from Legend Entertainment

  • Cannot be Tamed 2 months ago

    I loved the Shannara series when I was younger. I only ever saw this game once in a store but unfortunately could not convince my mom to buy it for me. I always wondered what it was like. I didn’t know the Coles made this either.

  • AvelynMonk 2 months ago

    Excellent video, maybe the best so far. I remember fighting was terrible in this game otherwise it was beautiful. Thanks for the memories 🙂

  • Laimonas Puisys 2 months ago

    You, sir, deserve much more subscribers. Great reviews!

  • Николай 2 months ago

    What a beautiful game with great music score!

  • Fun entertaining video, I may read those books now. If you want a suggestion for the next reviews, you may consider the longest journey? You may also want to check the entire trilogy in that case, as the story continues through those and definetly finish at the end of the third one. These games have a good fan base so it may hopefully help you have more views and subscribers.

  • Anja Wassermann 2 months ago

    That sounds like a very cool game. But also a bit complicated. I'll probably check out the books first. ^^ That's such a cute bunny. =)

  • Dragon might fly 2 months ago

    First first first! Really good job. This video is awesome. I enjoyed watching it. Can't wait to work on the next one. 😍