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  • Always fuckinhs remakes fck Nintendo

  • h HyperGamer 1 month ago

    I wanted the new yoshi game😣

  • slymatty 1 month ago

    I'm most excited for Mario party, love the switch for multiplayer ability

  • MrValkilmer35 1 month ago

    Fire Emblem was gonna be my big game purchase this year. But FE, my favorite Nintendo series, just had to be the first Nintendo game of the Switch era that gets delayed. -.- So salty after that rough news. But hey, at least it was revealed finally, unlike the other series people have been hoping for–that haven't even been announced yet.

  • Rewan Kids TV 1 month ago

    E3 day 1 my best E3

  • jo gaming and vlog's 1 month ago

    I say Sony's was the worst or second best conference.

    Nintendo's is almost that way.

    Microsoft's was the best honestly.

  • Bonus _brian 1 month ago

    Smash bros is as new as a new game gets. It has completely new mechanics and almost all the characters have been changed or altered in some way, there won’t be as many new comers, but you already have 66 fighters to choose from and they will be new comers announced at a later date. Stop being dumb by calling it a port or a 4.5, you just don’t understand smash bros

  • Out of curiosity, how close does Ryu play (controllerwise and style wise) to Ryu from SF2?

  • Johno Daz 1 month ago

    Quality top 5 list guys. Some of my fave moments was all the returning characters in Smash Ultimate, FE: 3 Houses looks dope, XBC2 standalone story expansion looks absolutely amazing, DB Fighterz is real and coming too the Switch plus Daemon(demon) x Machina looks so good, I am not too keen on the dull colours at the mo but still pumped too play it. 4th Edge Out!!

  • Primarina Sun 1 month ago

    Sure we're getting smash and Mario party but I'm kinda disappointed I was hoping for animal crossing and we only got 3 newcomers but we did get every single veteran but still though

  • Annihilasian 1 month ago

    Mario Party

  • The legend of the Gamer 1 month ago

    Where was the spyro remastered

  • political correctness must die 1 month ago

    I dont know why anyone is surprised. Nintendo killed their wiiu because of a lack of games. Same thing will happen with switch. They got a tad lucky with sales, but if they act according to tradition, itll be long long waits between aaa games. In the meantime, youll get plenty of shitty indie games and wiiu re releases (at full game price mind you)

  • JohnMetal91 1 month ago

    I liked the Direct. I wish some Metroid Prime 4 would have been shown but otherwise I am satisfied. Did anyone notice there was no 3DS news in the presentation? Maybe something was shown in the Treehouse but I haven't got around to seeing that.

  • zerotrap gaming 1 month ago

    Nitendo sucked

  • Hadley Muller 1 month ago

    Where did the comment forces go ? They were the best

  • Jeremy RBLX 1 month ago

    Did you mention about fortnite

  • MisterSureShot 1 month ago

    NAW disappointment

  • Blacktain Falcon 1 month ago

    My Rating

    Square Enix
    Devolver Digital
    Some cat piss

  • Andy Lindquist 1 month ago

    Where is Jake?