A personal list of top 60 games that define history of arcade coin-op racing games. Driving games from 1976 “Night Driver” by Atari to 2017 “Daytona …

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  • IrrepressibleGuile Mr Irrepressible 2 months ago

    What happened to sega?

  • Amurillo Reno 2 months ago

    Thank you so much for making this compilation <3 Finally I can recall some of those amazing games I forgot, like Cisco Heat and Virtua Racing!

  • AceRay 24 2 months ago

    gti club is underrated

  • Noice Gamer 2 months ago

    Daytona USA and Sega Rally was the best. Played them both in the UK at Butlins in Minehead.

  • Cubamus Prime 2 months ago

    Sega was miles ahead of everyone with their arcade tech…follow by Namco

  • Nice list, but you have missed out a few good ones. The ones that i remember missing are as follows: Harley Davidson Motorcycles Sega Model 3 game
    Dirt Dash by Namco
    Waver Runner and Wave Runner GP
    H20 Overdrive
    Dirt Drivin'
    Crazy Speed

  • He Ro Sa 2 months ago

    OutRun! The best!

  • sonicsnake44 2 months ago

    This is a really cool video. Thanks for making it.

  • Mohssine007-Official 2 months ago

    what system are these games running on ?

  • Kan Papitan 2 months ago

    I nicely remember OutRunners, even if I never played it…
    If I could be a child again…

  • marchrabbit85 2 months ago

    I plaing some of 'em in the 90's

  • Sega.. you should release on Steam and consoles a compilation of your legendary arcade hits like Hang-On 1&2, Virtua Racing, Sega Rally 1-2-3, Daytona USA 1&2, Scud Race, F355 Challenge and of course, the Outrun series.

    Do this compilation and it will sell like hotcakes.. like forever.

    Excellent choice of games btw!

  • Stuart's TRAVEL VIDEOS 2 months ago

    Always nice to watch old arcade driving games. It brings back good fun memories. Thanks!

  • Alonso Pérez Olmos 2 months ago

    DAYTONAAAAAAAAAA intensifies

  • DGta Dasher 2 months ago

    Hey i have created in trackmania 2 canyon three seven speedway and dinosaur canyon

  • mundo naruto 2 months ago

    Buen video 💗💗💗