AngryJoe doesnt like Nintendo Japan, but what did he think of their Press Conference? Find out! Twitch ▻ Twitter …

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  • Enthusiastic Gamer 1 month ago

    As a Super Smash Bros. veteran who's been playing the series since the beginning i'm very hyped for this game.

  • It's almost like the system is a gimmick.

  • Its Shatter 1 month ago

    Try Fortnite, it is really good.

  • Paul-André Gonzalez Aldana 1 month ago

    Where is Waluigi?

  • Excalibur ZX 1 month ago

    You guys said Smash Bros Ultimate was a port, it’s not a port. It’s an entirely new game

  • Mox Condran 1 month ago

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  • Pascal Tettero 1 month ago

    ultimate smash still not added the legendary king hippo. it was a bad conference, really mario party and smash.. what about the more important game mario kart?

  • Spartanll7x 1 month ago

    Smash looks dumb. Nintendo sucks, what like 5 yr olds play the switch

  • Just because you can play the whole game, doesn't mean that you're not missing half the content. I mean in zelda you don't need most of the armors or weapons to finish the game…

  • Geralt of Rivia 1 month ago

    No waluigi= no buy

  • TheGoldminor 1 month ago

    I wanna see an angry joe review of smash ultimate.

  • Gonna have to disagree here dude, over an half an hour of Patch Notes for a Switch Version from a Older Wii U game. Imo, is not how you ever should end your conferance direct the Nintendo way.

  • Angelic Hunk 1 month ago

    Right when they started talking about battle royales I got a midroll ad for Fortnite

  • VicSoh 1 month ago

    Props to you Joe, for getting that info about Starlink's ships and models and putting in the video. I'm really interested in the game but I was really worried about that issue.

  • Eden Hazard 1 month ago

    Pokemon/Nintendo announced that lets go pikachu is a filler the next generation of Pokemon games release in [email protected]

  • xXxDannyBearxXx 1 month ago

    fucking trash all other reviews for e3 wen they show the same games yet nintendo has been making the same game since like the 90s and theyre like yeah smash like wtf seriously what happened to angry joe

  • Elliot Johnson 1 month ago

    ✌🏼🙌🏼 ✌🏼👍👍

  • Yurk Munoz 1 month ago

    Thanks for confirmation joe

  • Oncle Sam 1 month ago

    where was metroid in that press conference!? isn't suppose to comme out in 2018-19?

  • UltimateGoku28 1 month ago

    Omg smash is not a remake they confirmed it was a new game

  • Peter Elak 1 month ago

    Your thumbnails are annoying and cheesy as fuck.

  • AiErudito __-_-__ 1 month ago


  • Moocow Gaming 1 month ago

    I kind of really want super Mario maker port on the switch

  • The Pope 1 month ago

    Joe, play Fire Emblem when it comes out. If XCOM is your favorite franchise, you’ll love it; it’s basically XCOM but fantasy instead of sci-fi. Less personalization than XCOM, but generally speaking much better writing.

  • Teddy Berghammer 1 month ago

    My friend plays Fortnite switch but he’s got a controller and he wrecks everyone

  • arenkai 1 month ago

    Still not sold on the Switch…
    I already played Breath of the Wild on emulator and other than that there is no game I absolutely want to play on the system.

    There are quite a few to be announced though: Metroid Prime 4, ShinMegaTen V and Fire Emblem.
    I need one more to make the jump, so I'll probably buy one in late 2019 when all of those will have a release date.

  • Ser Josh 1 month ago

    Fighterz sucks ass. And I'm a dragon ball fan. I regret buying it. The story is so fucking repetitive it takes so long to complete and length isn't an issue if it wasnt boring. Once you beat it and do the 3 arcade lvls there is NOTHING TO do. Only MP left and it's sucks cuz you get agasint good players they convo you and keep you in the air or agasint the wall and you cant even fight back literally my character would get up cuz they never stopped switching characters for continuous attacks. So the game is fucking boring and if you don't get the first combo online then your screwed fuck fighterz

  • Kuhazan 1 month ago

    Angry review… Xenoblade Chronicles 2 go! Oh wait it is a Nintendo game…. Octopath Traveler GO!