Watch the official trailer for Fallout 76, arriving worldwide November 14, 2018. Visit Fallout at Bethesda Game Studios, the …

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  • DennisAshby 21 mins ago

    I have a few questions if anyone has the answer too please reply! because its a multiplayer game can someone kill you when your away and does the content from single player switch over to multi vice versa thanks

  • TrueLikaBoss FalloutPlayer 21 mins ago

    Bethesda, DONT make it fully online. I love the multiplayer aspect, but I also would love to have the single player aspect.

  • ShadowARTS™影 ᵍʳᵃᵖʰᶤᶜ ᵈᵉˢᶤᵍᶰᵉʳ 21 mins ago

    tbh i was expecting alot better graphics 🙁

  • Thin White Duke 21 mins ago

    I need a new computer.

  • R3PPY D 21 mins ago


  • Christian Ibarra 21 mins ago

    Anybody know the little piano melody in the intro called?

  • eightypuff01 21 mins ago

    I would love some narrative driven fallout game over this. But I'm willing to give it a chance.

  • Evan Bradbury 21 mins ago

    2:03 that thing looks like a far is wheel

  • Snickers and Pickles equal Snickles 21 mins ago

    My hopes for this game are as high as that guy in the watchtower

  • Elfatboy69 Gaming 21 mins ago

    Kim jung I’m back at it again

  • GHOSTFREAK 21 mins ago

    So psyched for this game! But if it ends up as bad as tamriel online I'll be pissed

  • The Muff 21 mins ago

    this just looks like modded fallout 4

  • Arianna Pardo 21 mins ago

    who knew the song before the trailer

  • coyote 21 mins ago

    Xbox is bad

  • Gianni Espejel 21 mins ago

    Only 126 more days!

  • BlueJayz 474 21 mins ago

    We as a community should agree to reserve the missile silos to only nuke that player that talks shit and griefs everyone he meets.

  • Maitland Morks 21 mins ago

    Coincidence that the release falls on the same day as my birthday? I think not.

  • Emil Persson 21 mins ago

    This is the continuation of far cry 5

    If you have seen the ending.

  • L30NARDO Segovia 21 mins ago

    fallout 3 el puto amo

  • HUNT3R Mute 21 mins ago

    After fallout 76 came out I hope that every limited item in cc returns and stays permamently because region 3 ps4 players doesn't get the chance to try it because bethesda or sony didn't add it in region 3, Im not supporting cc, just that I don't like these limited stuff items and also I hope there will be no cc in Fallout 76

  • GuitarMax 21 mins ago

    Para que consolas estará este juego??

  • Fallback Pilot 21 mins ago

    Can’t wait to kill some deathclaws with my buddy’s

  • Noob Tube 21 mins ago

    which one off you little boys keeps blowing up america the beautiful!??

  • Sector O 21 mins ago

    Take us home…

  • Sion Wagner 21 mins ago

    When the music began i was just: rip merlin D:

  • PhantumMagnus 21 mins ago


  • Wumbo Slumbo 21 mins ago

    I want the currency to be in caps and charge cards

  • DarthHavoc1 21 mins ago

    This “game” will suck it has nothing that makes it a fallout game and always being online is just bullshit. The only things giving me any hope that Bethesda isn’t turning into another EA death is doom eternal and the elder scrolls six if they make TES6 like this then I’ve lost all hope in all the games I play for the Xbox and will just get a switch all the sooner since Bioware is already dead. This is not a fallout game it is a fortnite ripoff do not support this shit.

  • Rap Zalsos 21 mins ago

    I can't wait for SovietWomble and friends to start nuking people and places.

  • thexbat lit 21 mins ago

    I like how they say rating pending yet we all know it is gonna be m

  • Meat Bag 21 mins ago

    i will purge any homos i meet in the game

  • Spawn Peeker Jäger 21 mins ago

    Well people are busy hating the game Im going to be in West Virginia killing some mutated creatures

  • Pugfa1c 21 mins ago

    Me: country music is trash.

    Country Roads Take Me Home starts playing



  • rarely comment 21 mins ago

    Heard next fallout game will take place at Roanoke island after u timetravelled

  • Deezy Cain 21 mins ago

    I’m so playing this

  • Luke Pearson 21 mins ago

    0:33 serious Live and Let Die vibes

  • Basil 2.0 21 mins ago

    1:20 thats literally the roads from a fallout 4 mod lmao

  • Christian Hotella 21 mins ago

    If only Three Dog could see these trees. Also if you put this 2x faster listen to the song not the voice.

  • poke emppu 21 mins ago

    Whats up with everyone and fallout new vegas? In my opinion that game sucked

  • Why can't Bethesda tell us the system requirements or at least the maximum requirements

  • WRXmartin 21 mins ago

    I have a problem with Bethesda rpgs and idk what. I've played skyrim, fallout 4, and fallout new vegas. The problem is that I haven't finished any of them and lost my interest within a week. I just can't get into them besides the praise some of these games get. It's just…boring somehow. I've tried installing mods but that hasn't worked out either…has anyone else felt like this?