The racing genre of video games has always been one of my favourites, and I’ve played a metric crap-ton of ’em, too! So I thought, “let’s do a top 10 favourite …

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  • Corey Gunz 29 mins ago

    Gran turismo 4 was way b4 its time. But youre right the new games are getting better and better and im sure well have another game in the future that can match if not better gran turismo 4s handling system and most likely top the graphics! Good list!👍

  • XxX_MLGAMER_XxX The BEST MLGAMER 29 mins ago

    0:01 romanian hat

    romanian confirm

  • in the sonic game you can play as the football manager lol, so many irrelevant characters but the game is fun

  • SkyWarrior :3 29 mins ago

    where the fuck is burnout paradise

  • TokuDanmark [Metawield] 29 mins ago

    This list needs an update when The Crew 2 comes out

  • spectre900 29 mins ago

    So you like ProStreet do you? We are gonna have to have a serious talk….

    … about how awesomely fun that Subaru is to drive on those tight tracks!! Man that thing is tearing it up in the corners!! It's just so much fun to drive that thing. =D

  • Otakamerd 29 mins ago

    Okay but why does the opening notes of Infinite End sound like a British soap opera

    My favourite racing game was this shit flash game where Yugi drove a Ferrari against Spider-Man

  • Devasta The Seeker 29 mins ago

    Ah ah ah fuck off m8 mario kart ds is the mario kart game with the most content. Fucking missions. WHY DID THEY REMOVE THAT. YOU HAD FUCKING BOSS BATTLES

  • Chase Arsenault 29 mins ago

    Nigga i saw Aqua Timez in there

  • Gran Turismo 4 is the best racing game. However, my favorite is Gran Turismo 3 and SCUD Race for nostalgia.

  • Ah man. I worked on Ford B's Chevy at eutechnyx. One of the first games I ever made… Lol, glad someone remembered it!

  • Rasti Al 29 mins ago

    NfsU2 better be #1

  • Krisha Actually 29 mins ago

    Not a mention of NFS Underground 2? Shame on you!

  • eric vazquez 29 mins ago

    Have u ever played the crew

  • TrainerBrendan 29 mins ago

    Where's Juiced?!?!

  • Joe Creek 29 mins ago

    Saw dream theatre in your playlist and clicked sub. Specifically another day

  • Steve Of Warr 29 mins ago

    Burnout 3 is the tits

  • can i get 1000 sub before 2019 29 mins ago

    4:25 my heart missed so many beats when I heard that song XD

  • Razer Dash 29 mins ago

    On the top of my list it would be gt5 because I played it till like 2016 and it was the last game that I played with my dad before he died I know that does not make it a better game but I almost have tears in my eyes every time I start a new gran turismo game and It plays better than forza to and I have both forza and gran turismo forza better upgrading and customizing gran turismo more realistic

  • Wolfyy Hello 29 mins ago

    u forgot blur :(((((((

  • Marcy2200 29 mins ago

    How are you in forza horizon 3?

  • Commandant Teste 29 mins ago

    And then forza 3 came

  • Dreamy Shadows 29 mins ago

    I wish Tokyo extreme racer zero was on this list

  • Tyler Abreo 29 mins ago

    Battle mode is fixed my dude….2018

  • supernorm 29 mins ago


  • when i heard the real big song MAN THE FEELINGS KICKED

    more then vtec lel

  • The Davis & Dennis Show 29 mins ago

    Ridge Racer 7 and TDU1 should have been on this list 😛

  • Seth Harris 29 mins ago

    My top 10 racing games:

    10. Sonic Sega All-Stars Racing
    9. NFS Carbon
    8. Project CARS 2
    7. NFS Most Wanted
    6. Burnout Paradise
    5. F1 2010
    4. Gran Turismo 4
    3. NFS Underground 2
    2. ToCA Race Driver 3
    1. F1 Championship Edition (2006)

  • lookmom nobrakes 29 mins ago

    Technically, wouldn't rivals have gone closer to the roots? I mean the first game didn't have the amount of modifying we had in underground 2. But yeah, I see that we have a different market today.

  • Hemang Chauhan 29 mins ago

    Please make more racing game videos, they are very rare on YT.

  • Hemang Chauhan 29 mins ago

    GRID is SO.HARD.

    Like, cars were ramming me in the second race like they had a grudge against me.

  • WankelGT 29 mins ago

    0:37 what's that game called? It looks very familiar.

  • Sonic ShoT_T 29 mins ago

    NO FLATOUT 2 DISLIKE i dont care if is your opinion

  • Calin Boss Gaming 29 mins ago

    If you like most wanted do you like the 2 underground titles?

  • AceRay 24 29 mins ago

    if you like most wanted , then do you like carbon?

  • Hairy Cornflake 29 mins ago

    The lack of Daaaaaaaaytooooonaaaaaaaaa is concerning.

  • Wil Rivera 29 mins ago

    .. i really dug ridge racer unbounded. grid 2 is great. test drive 6 on the ps1. tokyo extreme racer on the ps2.

  • AlexistHero 29 mins ago

    Are you Romanian??

  • isaiah Winfree 29 mins ago

    This guy is almost like an alternate cadicarus. I.e. markiplier:jacksepticeye::this guy:caddy

  • HickleyDickley 29 mins ago

    the soundtrack for nfs underground was fucking incredible all of them are actually

  • Hex Flareheart 29 mins ago

    Wipeout. Especially HD/Fury/Omega Collection. They're not exactly traditional racing games, but damn are they fun if you can get into them.