All the MUSCLE, All the EXTREME, All the 1990’s! We review and play: Cliffhanger – Sega Genesis / Mega Drive & Sega CD / Mega CD Last Action Hero – Sega …

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  • Josh A 1 hour ago

    I've watched most of your vids and I'm shocked you don't have more views and subs. You guys deserve it.

  • Stas T 1 hour ago

    you are cool guys

  • Sun-Wukong 1 hour ago

    The Genesis and SCD versions of Hook are also identical aside from the latter having higher quality music.

  • NightIIJester 1 hour ago

    Tony! 3 things that don't matter but I demand an answer. 1. It's my birthday…21 mins ago yesterday. 2. I've watched all of H4G's videos mostly. 3. I'm a positive commenter (I actually forgot my 3rd point oh wait I think it's I've been drinking because f*ck my life) Anyways. Please tell me why you say NUCULER instead of NUCLEAR. Is it a northern thing? I'm from the south. But everytime I ask I never get an answer 🙁

  • TaoNakamora 1 hour ago

    OMG gimme that Ecco the dolphin

  • TaoNakamora 1 hour ago

    Rofl, that Arnold story was almost as good as the time NBA Commissioner Adam Silver had to wait for me to get off an elevator

  • Tom Harvey 1 hour ago

    The Amazing Spider-Man on Sega CD!

  • TdGams / TardisDeloreanGaming 1 hour ago

    Try playing zelda CDI MUHAHAHAHA

  • TdGams / TardisDeloreanGaming 1 hour ago

    Hey it's mistery man on the left

  • Shaun Walsh 1 hour ago

    Ecco the dolphin!

  • Silvermania 1 hour ago

    Demolition Man for the Genesis is AMAZINGLY GOOD, however it's AMAZINGLY BAD on the 3DO. Both are worth playing though.

  • Alex Wilson 1 hour ago

    ecco the dolphin, please 🙂

  • Cygnus Destroyer 1 hour ago

    Thanks again for the shout-out, Tony:) I really enjoyed this video, because I'm a sucker for licensed action games. You guys did pretty well at the snowboarding segment in Cliffhanger. It gets really ridiculous later on, though. I really need to give it another attempt someday.

    As for True Lies, that is definitely a good game, and it was published on the Super Nintendo by…LJN. It goes without saying, but I'm looking forward to doing that episode of LJN Defender. As for your game for next time, I've got to go with Amazing Spider-Man for Sega CD. I owned that game back in the day, but I was never able to play it due to my Sega CD malfunctioning. Anyway, keep on putting out these fun videos:)

  • MrSolveMYMaze 1 hour ago

    Great video, and New John's impersonation of Stalone was spot on. As for what game next, it has to be the amazing spiderman.

  • Timic83tc 1 hour ago

    Review Ecco for DC

  • 64ddking 1 hour ago

    Can the next incarnation of John be black?

  • CaptainPsychopath 1 hour ago

    to the Mansion game

  • taterman1234 1 hour ago

    Play Spider-Man on the Sega CD

  • DJ hessu 1 hour ago

    Spiderman Sega cd

  • Locomamonk 1 hour ago

    great entry guys! I never knew these games too well, I played like 2 minutes of Last Action Hero and threw it away forever. Really interesting to see how they used to milk popular movies back in the 90's

  • radioactivechimp 1 hour ago

    So the sequel to "Mansion of Hidden Souls" is called "The Mansion of Hidden Souls"?
    Is the 3rd game in the series called "A Mansion of Hidden Souls"?

  • TheFlyingJester 1 hour ago

    I would love to see the Saturn game. You guys don't review nearly enough Sega Saturn games!

  • smuckola 1 hour ago

    The next game you should play is Celebrity Steroid Plastic Surgery Rivalry Deathmatch: Schwarzenegger vs. Stallone: The Game: The Movie: …THE GAME!!

    Note that the exclamation marks are official for your title cards, like with "Punch Out!!".

  • NicePasta 1 hour ago

    +Hard4Games Retro Gaming I like watching the longer videos better guys. Even if the wait for them is longer, I like seeing more content.

  • Michael Sobrido 1 hour ago

    Keep this series going. So many games to choose from. Demolition Man, Terminator (Sega CD, avoid the Genesis version at all costs), Terminator 2,T2 The Arcade Game, Water World, Jurassic Park, Alien 3, Predator 2, just to name a few.

  • The Hylian Loach 1 hour ago

    Mansion of hidden souls next gentlemen!

  • GamingYoshi64 1 hour ago


  • gianniM 1 hour ago

    Wicked video and hilarious as usual! True Lies is such a great game, one of the best licensed games for sure

  • fsmetal 1 hour ago

    I have True Lies on laserdisc. Seriously.

  • fsmetal 1 hour ago


  • Skyler774 1 hour ago

    By the way, what's the next episode going to be? I know what I think you should make it haha.

  • Skyler774 1 hour ago


  • LiveToby 1 hour ago


  • Torrie Starfrost 1 hour ago

    I put in my vote for Ecco. I wanna here that Dreamcast scream.

  • WhatTheFucckk 1 hour ago

    spodr men

  • common rider 1 hour ago

    nice video guys, looking forward to some future pc engine videos maybe?

  • Life with Hope 1 hour ago


  • gamer199x 1 hour ago

    The Mansion Of Hidden Souls

  • Varg Anfall 1 hour ago

    Yo wheres the classic crew? i miss them

  • Squash Gil 1 hour ago

    The mansion of hidden souls

  • gnarkillguch 1 hour ago


  • Fak Yuh Googel 1 hour ago

    0:00 Hey new guy, you stole that phrase from me!

  • Life with Hope 1 hour ago

    5:38 is the one on the right the sega cd version?

  • HeartCount 1 hour ago

    Tony went to a church? gasp NO WAY!! I knew it!!! My dumb hypothesis so happened to be somewhat true, haha! >:) I'm so smart….
    Sorry to point that out. You just looked like that kind of person to me for a while is all.. o.o what with the way you talk and stuff, at least in your new videos heheh…

  • Life with Hope 1 hour ago

    90's muscle… so hard!

  • Muad Dib 1 hour ago

    I'd like to see you guys play THE Mansion of Hidden Souls! 🙂 Hard greetings from Denmark.


    Ah the 90's….. Such a simpler time… I miss Clinton 

  • LeutennantDan 1 hour ago

    YES!! A new Hard4Games video 😀
    I'm still waiting for Jingle all the Way to get turned into a video game.

  • ZeldaWizards 1 hour ago

    Ecco the Dolphin, that evil bastard. 😉