Host Jimmy Wong, Smosh Games’ creators, and Future Man’s Josh Hutcherson share what their favorite action/adventure games are. GTA, Red Dead …

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  • enchatedcow 1 month ago

    Bio shock

  • New New York2025 1 month ago

    Thank you bioshock is so good and not a lot of people know it nowadays but maybe now seeing it from IGN they might wanna get it.

  • Film Babydoll 1 month ago

    For me, it’s a tie between Bioshock and The Last Of Us – both extremely different games but equally beautiful. Pure masterpieces.

  • Taylor Dixon 1 month ago

    Who is the guy that says "gotta be mario galaxy" first at :06?

  • bioshocker 666 1 month ago

    Bioshock always my bae hmmmm bioshooooock

  • marvel's greatest hero 1 month ago

    No gods or Kings only man!

  • Kaleb Hancock 1 month ago

    Bioshock is my favourite game series Ever

  • VORTEX 100K 1 month ago

    Bioshock my favorite what a masterpiece

  • Mexlycan Filmico 1 month ago

    Red Dead Redemption, without a doubt.

  • Oddy Stef 1 month ago

    No Ocarina of time instead gta? Ok

  • Craig Patrick Maloley 1 month ago

    i was lucky enough to play them all for the first time when the collection came out. When i was younger i got sick playing the N64 game Turok: Dinosaur Hunter and had a phobia of first person shooters. After i played RE7 with the VR headset i guess my phobia was just in my head. I have played all 3 Bioshocks at least 3 times a piece and they have to be my favorite games of all time liking Infinite the most the DLC for that game is really good. The first game is a very close second the replay value on these games is superb.

  • Ethan R 1 month ago


  • legendofsociety7 1 month ago

    Zelda best, uncharted 2nd best, horizon zero Dawn 3rd

  • Xenomorph 1 month ago

    The Last of Us was the best game I played besides The Legend of Zelda I am waiting for the second one now and to be completely honest that is the reason I bought a PS4.

  • PIE Man 1 month ago


  • coda soda 1 month ago


  • Nikolas Castelli 1 month ago

    Fallout skyrim

  • drizzylama 1 month ago

    Dying light or BioShock is my favorites

  • Abdullah Sabir 1 month ago

    Uncharted series ,arkham series and horizon zero dawn if i had to pick one uncharted 4

  • Styraxtwinblade 1 month ago

    Who the fook are these guys?

  • No Name 1 month ago

    Where are the celebs?

  • SoulGaming 1 month ago

    My favorite game has to be DOOM II, with Skyrim, Bioshock, CoD, and Halo 2 not far behind.

  • ending heartfelt 1 month ago

    uncharted 4 anyone???