If I solve the mysteries of this house, the world will see me as the best detective. Let’s go! ▻Please consider sharing/rating this video to help the channel grow.

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  • ChicoréeMusic 1 month ago

    That first door on the upper floor never opened. Maybe its open when you are supposed to end it, idk, but if not, it never had a function really.

  • N.Y H.M 1 month ago

    I'm enjoyingg this 😂😂😂😂 give a thumbs up!

  • Tendividedbysix 1 month ago

    Love your methodology of solving puzzles, I'm very similar 🙂 good vid!

  • Golden Curls 1 month ago

    You missed a note when you were down in the maze.

  • Nightwingsrage 1 month ago

    The qr code was an advertisement for an app called maze worlds

  • Alastair Birch 1 month ago

    Might be a long shot, but does anyone know where note #7 is? I really want it since it's the only achievement I don't have. Thanks for the video, by the way: the clock puzzle had me stumped for an embarrassingly long time…

  • gothboy wxlf 1 month ago

    “Next” those notes tho

  • Alexander Willow 1 month ago

    Translation was the best part.

  • Leslie Cervantes 1 month ago

    I cannot count how many of your walkthroughs I’ve binged
    I’m loving your voice and accent!

  • Tommy Reusse 1 month ago

    24:42 lol looked right at it but he didnt see it.

  • Boo Sweets 1 month ago

    ahaha got a lot of great chuckles out of this silly game XD these detectives are so determined ahhaha

  • AtomicPowerGirl 1 month ago

    Love you channel! :D. Saw a game that looks interesting. White Night. On sale on Xbox one. If interested. Would watch.

  • Bionic Babe 1 month ago

    Also this game, Harts, fits my most common saying SO WELL… "Words are hard."

  • Bionic Babe 1 month ago

    I would love to see a full CJU playthrough of the oldie but goodie, point & click game "I Have No Mouth, and I Must Scream". Don't know if he has played it in the past, in his own time, but either way, it seems right up his alley. It's a great psychological horror/puzzle/adventure game I think both he and his viewers would enjoy. 😀

  • Alexander Wolfegang 1 month ago

    The notes sound better if you read them with a heavy Russian accent 😛

  • Marcos Schefer 1 month ago

    Funny video and gameplay! It would be great if you make a video playing Fluffy Defenders, a fun and epic indie platform game !! You can download it from

  • кто пришёл только для того, чтобы проверить печатную машинку??))0)

  • William Barber III 1 month ago

    I must say, your reading of the notes is the best/funniest thing in this play through.

  • Zoey Rochelle Zhombie 1 month ago

    I don't know if it's indie, but I think you'd like the game 'Amber: Journeys Beyond'. It's a point-and-click ghost story and came out about ten years ago. I don't think it's in production anymore. You play as the colleague to a woman named Roxy whose gotten herself into a bit of a mess via technology made to communicate with ghosts. Your goal is to go thru the haunted house and release the ghosts that still reside and save Roxy. A few jump scares but is very realistic. There's no cheese and the concept feels plausible in 2018.

  • Hina Sama 1 month ago

    19:04 you can call it a butterfly

  • Amalia Fameliari 1 month ago

    the maze section scared the shit out of me.i was watching with lights off and it freaked me out lol. game ain;t half bad, grammar mistakes and all.

  • You sound like a tour guide trying to sound enthusiastic for a group of school kids in a brick factory -_- also, pointing out the obvious at every turn is really annoying.

  • MJ Jose 1 month ago

    The notes are hilarious! And "I am the world's greatest detective"!

  • Yogurt 1 month ago

    the QR code takes you to MAze Worlds app in google play

  • Kylie Punky Pixie Dowers 1 month ago

    I think this is a case of lost in translation it's so badly done

  • Disfixional 1 month ago

    I'm pretty sure putting up a wine rack over a radiator is not great for the wine!

    …but hey, what do I know! I don't even drink!

  • Yanik Hahnekamp 1 month ago

    I think the bookshelf moved because you gave the book you found in the basement to it. That's the reason why you couldn't interact with it before.

  • FoxQuinGamer 1 month ago

    I rely liked that . nice one

  • Donna East 1 month ago

    Enjoyed the playthough. When you turned to return the basement I did shout out loud "noooooooo" bit tense ha think it was the music 😁

  • Zz Hetty zZ 1 month ago

    The 'Anyway-bye' at 11:21 😂 ROFL