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  • FookyDarker 1 month ago

    i installed this on my archos43 tablet 3 months ago.
    i removed it because i run out of system memory.(256mb)
    i rooted it and now i have 1gb, but now i cant install it, it says that i dont have tegra..
    i know that i don't but how did it work before??

  • Hal Motley 1 month ago

    @theonlydiego1 It should work with any Honeycomb device with an NVIDIA Tegra processor built in. This includes Xoom, LG Optimus Tab, Samsung Galaxy Tab 10.1 (not the original 7-inch as that has a Hummingbird ARM Cortex A8), Asus EEEpad Transformer and many other models.

  • Booya Gadget 1 month ago

    @theonlydiego1 I've looked around, and can't find a definitive answer, unfortunately I don't have the galaxy tab to fully test. I looked around reviews, but noone mentioned it. I highly recommend downloading the nvidia tegra app from the market, that's where I go to see their latest releases. I have all their games, just need more time to show them all to you. I have to play them for a while first!

    Are you rocking the galaxy tab ? or considering purchasing it ?

  • theonlydiego1 1 month ago

    will this work with the galaxy tab