The Survey is about a person that wakes up in a house and has to answer some questions on his phone. Creepy stuff ensues.

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  • Helen Burton 1 month ago

    I've been looking for good a play through channel to watch at work. (All my previous favorites got kind of yelly) I think I'm going to like yours 🙂 thanks for being you.

  • S Parker 1 month ago

    I searched “Horror game playthrough” and this was the first result so I clicked it.
    Hi everyone!

  • Diana Fronsdahl 1 month ago

    I really loved this game! It sure was refreshing after seeing so many crappy indie horror games. Lots of little creepy parts done with a finesse most games lack… Creative use of different mechanics, but still a relatable "in the house" type game… I would say that I wish the survey aspect continued, and was more of a focus… especially since it's the title of the game. But I would love to see more from this developer!

  • lauren kane 1 month ago

    I miss PT 😭

  • Karla Rodriguez 1 month ago

    the inside of the house reminds me of the house of house party the game

  • Haroomi oomi 1 month ago

    So I'm guessing you play as Marcus and you're in a coma or purgatory paying for what you did (laugh at your disabled sister) maybe that ghost is Lilith haunting you (because you laughed at your disabled sister)?

  • PandaPlayzThisGamz 1 month ago

    It's night time already? Wait no IM GOING TO GET NIGHTMARES AHHH

  • Name for the email was Mark Fischbach which is markipliers real name

  • Adam Costello 1 month ago

    56:18 Yes, Lady, you should've killed you husband for what he did.

  • Solomon Powell 1 month ago

    This house must be a stock asset. I've seen it in an unrelated game called "House Party"

  • X Caliber 1 month ago

    I have difficulty when I’m supposed to follow some kind of storyline. Is not at all natural when I want to leave the house the entire time and have no interest taking a random survey on a strangers phone.

  • Bri Elaine 1 month ago

    So I just started watching playthroughs of games.. I'm not a gamer myself, but you def have awesome commentary and this game seems way too creepy for me to play lol.. rather just watch you play

  • Blast Radius 1 month ago

    its the same house from Paranormal Territory. Weird

  • YandereKunLuvsU ! 1 month ago

    I got so sad when i realized Marcus forgot about his sister

  • ZippedMouthGaming 1 month ago

    "Turn around." is in closet

  • ZippedMouthGaming 1 month ago

    22:04 "I no scared" standing in corner of well lit living room "I no scare of no things." I love it. Lol

  • Time and Snake 1 month ago

    First video I've seen of yours and i enjoyed it good job dude ill definitely be sticking around for more playthroughs,

  • Brittany Karlek 1 month ago

    I'm late, but I've been needed a horror game in my life and I found this. When he's in the bathroom and he hears the running…the sly "fuck off" he muttered was hilarious.

  • Cremisius Aclassi 1 month ago

    hey uhhh quick question how is the protag holding the flashlight? bc every time we see his shadow hes got both hands free……

  • Alex Arft 1 month ago

    Yo, it occurred to me that Marcus' note about being pursued matches Lilith's. She dreamed that every time she got close to him, he would flee, and he dreamt of being attacked. Yoooo.

  • ShowMeLoveFilms 1 month ago

    Fucked up.

  • ShowMeLoveFilms 1 month ago

    God you suck at reading.