Top 5 best online horse games released for PC. Some games on this list might not be available anymore. You can also check out our other horse games tops: …

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  • Paw Splash 1 month ago

    In my opinion AO is better. Hear me out on this. AO gives you a choice if your character is a girl or a guy, the horses don't look like they're on crack, it's completely free and you can breed your horses, race and improve their skills, the horses can get hurt which only adds some realism to it. Don't judge AO so harsh, it's still improving without getting any money from the players. Cut it some slack people and quit being rude to people that can't afford to play SSO, not everyone's parents give money so carelessly.

  • Horse Crazy Girl! 1 month ago

    Star stable for the win!!!!! Yeah!!!!!

  • Gina Rietfors 1 month ago


  • Cinrei 1 month ago

    Although Alicia has gained my attention in the last few months, comparing it to another game is kinda elementary [SSO]. I find it more entertaining probably due to the lack of filters and its fast turnover, but its a totally different genre. However, i would love to see exposure with Horse Isle & Horse Isle 2, especially with the possibility of a third being released soon.

  • Eric Miller 1 month ago

    i will stick with roblox

  • Eric Miller 1 month ago

    i tryed them all and deleated them

  • Jacob Roblox Playz 1 month ago

    alicia online is 1 sso is 2

  • Autumn Northhurricane 1 month ago

    aAny way to download Alicia Online on MacBook?

  • BerryJuice 1 month ago

    I love Star Stable <3

  • SatyrToon Animation 1 month ago

    SSO is so horrible. Pay-to-play crap.

  • WolfyQween 1 month ago

    How is Starstableonline not 1!!!!!

  • OneGrumpyIndividual 1 month ago

    I'm surprised Howrse and Horse Isle didn't make the list

  • Leoni Crazywall 1 month ago


  • Y thewarrior 1 month ago

    I don't really like sso because u need star rider for almost everything I perfer ao

  • Sweet Angel22 1 month ago

    Star stable is all about paying money for quests and even JUMPING which is crazy and insane! Whats wrong with people seriously?

  • xxUnicornzxx 1 month ago

    I have a reasons why Star Stable is better than Alicia Online.1-Star stable has over a million quests, lots of places to unlock, pets. 2- There are different places to chat 3- You can create clubs and there is a place in silverglade village 4-Horses have special gaits, like the icelandic has a tolt. v I understand, but if it were, why is your picture star stable?

  • Cassandra Sapphirenight 1 month ago

    Yey star stable🤪

  • BlossomTheNightFury 1 month ago


  • xJulaita x 1 month ago

    Star Stable ❤

  • Sheria :3 1 month ago

    If Alicia Online wasn't there I was going to dislike this video. AO IS JUST AWESOME! WHO WOULDN'T PUT A GAME LIKE DAT ON A TOP 10?!

  • MiniMeMew - Gaming 1 month ago

    Starstable = My life <3 (Seriously, it's my favourite game of all times xD)

  • Lova lein 1 month ago


  • Shadow_Kitten479 1 month ago

    Yep, its me too, tbh the best games for me would be alicia & SSO becuz i play both games and they are da best games ever. 😀 <3

  • Life's Fantasy 1 month ago

    It's funny how heated people get over something so small and stupid 😂😂😂 Both games are shit in my opinion yet I still play both. Star Stable is to childish. Alicia Online is annoyingly fun, yet annoyingly boring and hard in some aspects.

  • Carol Bauman 1 month ago

    SSO I play that yay

  • Horse Nerd 1 month ago

    Anyone in the Alicia online Squad? xD

  • Mademoiselle CSO 1 month ago

    Star stable and alicia😍

  • Dappydachshund 1 month ago

    YAYY, SSO IS FIRST!! #SSORULES❤️ . I love both Alicia and SSO 😀

  • Björn Persson 1 month ago


  • Violeta Sharklee 1 month ago

    Alicia Online is also one of the best horse games lmao

  • Edens Sso adventures 1 month ago

    Omg so is my favourite been playin for six moths