Yomawari: Night Alone has a distinct visual aesthetic that draws you in, but is this quirky horror game fun enough to keep playing? Yup! For the most part at least …

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  • TheBlueStrawberry 1 month ago

    So it's kinda like Yume Nikki? Kinda?

  • Neko Sun 1 month ago

    Wait! You had a second channel?! Wow, I'm slow. On wards to the new Channel!!

  • 3:28 those aren't Jesus statues. Those are called Ojizōsan (Buddhist Monk) a Dōsojin (Road ancestor/god). But it pretty much is the same thing in the sense that they are a worshiped symbol. Nice vid tho.

  • George Gogo 1 month ago

    why do you sound like conner the waffle so much?

  • Kira Queen 1 month ago

    this was a great review elk! id recommend you play a game called Hiveswap that came out on steam not too long ago!

  • Jskid666 1 month ago

    You want scary cute? Go play Spooky's House of Jumpscares!

  • Scumbob 1 month ago

    this video is such a pleasant surprise! what a fun looking game. the cutest thing here though is definitely you!

  • TrollVerse 1 month ago

    Spooky's house of horror is pretty cute

  • Pablo Rovira 1 month ago

    Will you do a let's play or at least a review like this of the sequel as well?

  • TheXionator 1 month ago

    Solid review my boy

  • Eve la Renaissance 1 month ago

    I like this game!

  • Marisa Angeli 1 month ago

    Hello! I'm very happy to see your interest in games. I feel like your commitment to a fair and base-covering review makes any subject you cover worth a watch. Specifically games would tap into a whole new audience, so, great!

  • Jonathan Hall 1 month ago

    Glad to see you making more videos

  • Beard Beardedbeards Bearded Hairy-Beard of Beards 1 month ago

    You should try Mogekyo castle and games by the same dev you might like it

  • nightowl 1 month ago

    What system does it come on?

  • Denver Fan 1 month ago

    Nice review man! Could you do another AT background analysis. That was awesome. Thanks!

  • Please don't kill the chicken 1 month ago

    Salt slows down some spirits while pebbles distract them.

  • Amone Rahman 1 month ago


  • Jn liew 1 month ago

    Is the video title an Oreimo reference? XD
    Edit: Shit, someone beat me to it.

  • Mae Fernando 1 month ago

    You're the best reviewer!

  • גיא קליין 1 month ago

    Is that an oreimo reference?
    I expected more than you.