HYPED?! or nah? Let me know down in the comments below. 🙂 Sea of Thieves is a pirate-themed action-adventure cooperative multiplayer game played from a …

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  • MFPallytime 1 hour ago

    … This video was not sponsored. If it was, I'm legally obligated to tell you in the video. I was not paid by anyone to make this content. Is seeing so many comments saying that a good thing? Just made a video because the game looked interesting, team.

  • Biggles Worth 1 hour ago

    Ive heard theres no real endgame and its only maybe 20 hours of content max. Truth to this?

  • Javier Villarreal 1 hour ago

    Im gonna get it <3

  • William Trybuskiewicz 1 hour ago

    PIRATES!!!!!! ARRRRRR!!!!!

  • exeterra 1 hour ago

    Game is super fun but definitely not something I would spend 60 bucks on

  • Tael Zenith 1 hour ago

    Just Finished installing Pally. See you on the high seas!

  • Toasty Notte 1 hour ago


  • loki los 1 hour ago

    This game looks terrible

  • Andrew Lukenbach 1 hour ago

    Just bought it digital on Xbox one x, don't know if I am hyped about it. Probably will play it once and never again. Hope not though, I just have a hard time playing cartoon looking games.

  • Ryan Johnson 1 hour ago

    Not very hyped because I got spoiled with the betas.

  • Pixel Passion 1 hour ago

    Spend $10 on game pass don't pay full price easy fix

  • Mcpe pro 1 hour ago


  • Its a bust.

  • Big Fish 1 hour ago

    I know im pretty hyped for it I just pre orderd it today.

  • byrdsteelers 1 hour ago

    Why does it almost look like an original xbox game? Those graphics are terrible.

  • DOGGYDOGG 1 hour ago

    Over hyped piece of trash.

    20% of game features being tested.. game comes out in 18 days.. if you pre ordered this game youre a fucking moron nuff said.

    This game looks nice but the actual game play you will get bored in no time. Go grind chests to repair your ship faster so you can fight people to steal there chests so you dont need to grind as much.. no end game.. no customization really.

    Over hyped twitch marketed piece of shit

  • The Holy Play - doh Grunt 1 hour ago

    I wanna transport some KFC

  • Cetusipy 1 hour ago

    The art is amazing, but there's almost no gameplay to be had and playing with randoms has been terrible so far. After a couple of hours you've done everything there is to do and you find yourself wishing for more.

  • Nathan Shackle 1 hour ago

    I AM HYPED!!!!!!!!

  • Sjoerd Derks 1 hour ago


  • Diogenes of Sinope 1 hour ago

    Dude they shoot you out a cannon you really think they're gonna add fall damage?

  • Cap Gamer 10 1 hour ago

    55 PS4 players disliked this video

  • Alex Lemaster 1 hour ago

    I know this sounds weird at first, but I'm glad this game isn't free to play. Seeing that it uses Epic Gaming Engine, I thought it would be. But from doing a little research I found it's not. Not saying it would be pay to win, like almost every other free game out.

  • Henry Sundsten 1 hour ago

    Im super hyped for Sea Of Thives

  • Adam Gibbons 1 hour ago

    This looks fun to play being a pirate in LARP plenty of rum and shanties 🙂

  • illdrainyoursoul 1 hour ago

    Nah game is so boring

  • Zyphros 1 hour ago

    I'm super hyped! I couldn't get enough during the beta and the scale test. Always have been a big fan of rare and can't wait for release

  • Way way way overhyped.

  • Sparrow's Nest 1 hour ago

    Not many Pirate games…..and it seems like a great fun adventure!

  • Kyle Worden 1 hour ago

    I AM SO HYPED!!!!! <3 This world has some of the most beautiful water physics and a amazing, goofy, beautiful art design overall! Also so hyped for all of the nonscripted, non-story based missions and funny/awesome moments a game like this can provide. I've always had more fun with games that focus on gameplay and exciting and fun things to do or really challenging gameplay rather than a more linear, restrictive narrative based game. I LOVE this game already and I'd LOVE to see you play it regularly on your channel Pally!

  • TwiztedShotzTV 1 hour ago

    Crappy comments like these at 0:42 are what hold you back from future subscribers. I enjoy subscribing to content creators that can keep my interest without cheap pop shots. Be professional. Have fun, but realize that what you say directly reflects your inner self to the viewer even if you weren't trying to come off as such.

  • Cinomod6066 1 hour ago

    How dare you leave out conkers bad fur day! Very disappointed pally ( ._.)

  • Daimyo Dori-Ma 1 hour ago

    Once upon a time I was hyped for this game. Thirty-three months later, not so much. Too much of learning what won't be in the game and too little of what worthwhile content will actually be in the game. Them constantly advertising around the three pillars of PvP ship battles, treasure hunting, and skeletons really hasn't helped either.

  • Pyro Chimp 1 hour ago

    Perfect dark!? pfft bitch please!!! Rare's – Conkers bad fur day! 😉

  • Kai Semple 1 hour ago


  • rex gaming 1 hour ago

    I'm super hyped

  • CaLlMeVc 1 hour ago


  • TrueProGamer 1 hour ago

    Omfg in the beginning don’t know how but I though you said the game was being released by Ubisoft XD my heart dropped I was like noooo plz. pay to win incoming but then I rewind it and I got so happy after I heard Microsoft

    Edit: also ya I’m so hyped I can’t stop thinking about it I think I might be to hyped. I have a gtx 1080, intel Icore 5 and like 6 gb of ram is that good enough to play this game at 60 FPS with good graphics

  • Jamilynn Kinney 1 hour ago

    I want a cool single player pirate game

  • Jamilynn Kinney 1 hour ago

    Cool but pass, there’s no 3rd person so all the cool cosmetics and stuff for this is useless to me and just don’t like 1st person

  • kmnbvc mnbvc 1 hour ago

    microsoft please dont fuck it up